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Had another great coaching lesson tonight.  I would say it would rank in the top 5 of all time.  Originally, this was going to be a lesson with Z but, after the break up, it was transferred to the Body Double and we decided to work on Quickstep since this coach just happens to be an expert at that dance.  It was amazing!  We do these things that the Body Double calls Skip Chassis but the coach called them Polka Chassis (she happens to be Polish so I guess that would make sense).  But she just had me shape a little differently, get all my weight over my back foot and then do more lowering into the knee rather than actually hopping up.  My knee is complaining quite a bit now but the steps were just so much easier and flowed so much better.  Normally, I get the “did it feel different” and a lot of times the answer is no but this was a big YES.  Just one little tweak and the step is vastly improved.  (Just because I feel like working this in somewhere, she did them with me and said I was very light on my feet.  I’m assuming that is a good thing)

And that was just in the first 5-10 minutes of the lesson.  There were so many little tweaks and small changes that just made a huge difference in how the dance moves and feels.  And, again, because it is my blog and I have the right to puff myself up a little bit from time to time I’ll give you another little nugget. We were doing a spin turn after she gave me some pointers on how to make it better and she got all excited because she didn’t have to back lead me through it.  She said it is a tricky step and most of the time she has to back lead but I got it right.

I have to say that I was a little apprehensive about these coaching lessons.  One of the things that was always nice about working with Z is that she knew the coaches (go figure, they own the studio and tend to bring in people they know well).  The Body Double is newer and I wasn’t sure the reaction was going to be the same.  I don’t know why.  It sounds a little silly as I write it but it was there but it turns out to have been totally unfounded.

The other nice thing about the Body Double is that she took all the information from the first coach and typed it out rather than trying to do shorthand into the little lesson block in my book.  She’s going to do the same thing with this coach which is good because there was a lot of information thrown my way and getting it reinforced is going to be great.

What continues to surprise me is my attitude in these lessons.  Yes, there is always a little apprehension from me but the first thing we did on this lesson was to do the opening part of the Quickstep routine without a warm up.  That kind of “show me what you’ve got” used to tie me in knots but here it was just “OK, lets just do this” and it went off without a major glitch.

I suspect that all the conflict and issues with Z tied my head into much bigger knots than I realized.

It might also have helped that Z wasn’t in the studio tonight.  Not sure why but it was kind of dead.  I’m sure it is summer vacations but also with 3 of 3 and The Statue leaving, the ranks have thinned and some people have probably taken a step back to see how it is all going to work out.

The coach did ask what my next event was going to be.  There is one in September.  I haven’t had a real conversation with the Body Double or OwnerGuy about whether I should go.  There is time for that.  But tonight we set up recurring lessons and then we can work on the plan.

It is the next chapter of my dance life and right now it is very exciting.  I think I needed this a lot more than I first thought.

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