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I keep breaking my own promises but when things happen that warrant a post, you get a post.  That’s just how I roll.

So last night was the big end party and there was the cocktail hour before the party.  And, naturally, I skipped most of it.  One, I’m not a big drinker so the lure of free alcohol just doesn’t have the same appeal to me as it would to others.  Two, it involves a lot of standing and my knee is not a big fan of standing.  And, three, introvert – small talk at a cocktail party just ain’t my scene.  I did find a nice quiet place to sit outside after finishing my last heat which was nice.

I managed to find Z and OwnerGuy as well as two people from a studio in my area and was chatting and then this lady from another studio tells me how well I danced.  Then she says something to the effect that she knows I’ll probably be in demand but to save a dance for her.  I ended up taking a couple of group pictures of them since our table was right by the group picture place and I again get the invitation from several of them.

Walking in, we ran into one of the judges who is a big fan of Z’s.  He’s also a great dancer.  He comes over to me to shake my hand and tell me how much he liked my dancing.  So that’s a good thing.

Because it was just OwnerGuy, Z and me, we split a table with another studio and there was another lady there who again told me that she enjoyed watching me.  Funny thing was she later asked Z who she had been dancing with.  To be fair, ladies can look completely different with their hair no longer in ballroom mode but I found it funny.

They had to do four different pro competitions and lots of awards so there was not a lot of room for general dancing.  But I ended dancing a couple of times with the ladies at our table – that was kind of a no-brainer asking them.  And I did venture to the other side of the room to ask the ladies who I had met at the cocktail party.

Oh, one more side note before i get to the really interesting part.  Kid T’s mom was a judge at this event.  She ran the studio where OwnerGuy worked (before he was OwnerGuy) and where my wife and I started our ballroom journey.  She’s move out of our area but she still shows up for coaching.  Well we ended up doing a Rumba and she tells me that my Cuban motion is improved because she can actually feel it.

And, I’ll have to retract part of a post where I talked about social dancing.  I guess the ladies in my studio aren’t representative of the entire female population.  Every lady I danced with last night followed like a dream.  There was no wrestling match and it actually felt like dancing.  Guess our studio needs to up their game on teaching following.

OK, I promised you the interesting part.  In dancing with one of the other ladies from the group, she told me to blame Facebook which I didn’t understand.  But, I guess one of them is friends with someone who is friends with someone and somehow it chains to me (the ballroom village is small).  It appears they were given order to make sure yours truly did not sit out many dances.  I really have no idea how that transpired but I owe some anonymous person thanks because it made last night fun.  Z spent the entire evening taking pictures of her friends in the pro competitions and OwnerGuy was all business so without my new dance partners, the evening would have been much different and much less fun.


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