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That short little popped up on my phone from my airline app.   Yes, this is really going to happen. I was at the studio last night and did the group class and a quick run through of the smooth routines.  My knee was sore but, for some reason, the pain felt good. Like I was working stuff out by moving. 

I went out yesterday and bought some tape that is supposed to help so I taped my thigh and had my big knee brace on.  Felt a little like a poser buying the tape but dancing is a sport and we are athletes and you have to be at your best. If you’re not, then you do what you can to help.  

Realistically, I know this puts me even more at a disadvantage but I will go and do the best I can and try to have fun.  

Last two lessons tonight.  I’ve laid out almost everything so just a few last minute things to pack.  Tomorrow, I fly out and the dancing starts on Friday.  More to come so stay tuned 

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