Life Lessons Can Hurt

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There are just time when things happen and I have to wonder if there isn’t some higher power involved who from time to time decides to teach you something in a strange way.  I can’t remember where I read this but somewhere I remember that when faced with a touch choice, you select one and then examine how you feel.  The process of making a decision (even when it isn’t final) may trigger your brain into believing it and then your real feelings come out.

Well today I was making some of final preparations for the upcoming trip.  I got some Fabreze to spray on my one-piece dance shirts.  The smooth one really becomes something of a mess after Showcase especially since I’ve got a vest on over it.  And OwnerGuy has warned against drying these things or they could shrink.  Its skin tight to begin with so I can’t afford any shrinkage.  Anyway, I got some super powered stuff and sprayed the heck out of them.  I also got some new hair product to try.  My hair loves humidity.  It will soak that moisture up and start doing all kinds of waves and fun things.  At some point, I’ll get someone who knows what they are doing to fix it right – I just try to keep it in place.

But I wasn’t feeling all that excited about going.  I was actually rehearsing in my mind what I would say if I was asked about that on my lesson tomorrow.  And, yes, I do sometimes rehearse answers in my head in anticipation of questions.  As someone who doesn’t like small talk or making quick decisions, I sometimes need to have ready answers or else a simple question is greeted by my silence while I sort through the various file cabinets in my mind to find the appropriate one with the answer.

I also bought some more flowers to plant.  The time to plant annuals is limited since we had a cold spring and if you wait too long, they aren’t in great shape when you get them and won’t do much.  Knowing I was going to be gone next weekend, this was the time to fill in the remaining gaps.

It rained a lot here last night and was drizzling a bit this morning.  The flower bed is behind a large wall of railroad ties at the end of our driveway so that part of the lawn overlooks the driveway.  Hard to explain since it slopes down to meet up with the driveway later.  But the main point is we have a series of stairs to get from the driveway to that flower bed.  It isn’t really stairs as some terraces with railroad ties and stone.  And now here is where the pain comes in.  Railroad ties get very slippery when wet.  I was walking down these things and my foot slipped right off the tie and down I went.  I remember trying to stop myself (unsuccessfully) but then thinking I had until my head kept going and bounced off one of the big pieces of wood.

I’m lucky I didn’t break anything.  Most of it was superficial cuts and scrapes and I’ll have some nice bruises.  But my right knee got caught in an awkward spot and I twisted on the way down.  I did something to the muscle/tendon just above my knee.  This is the same spot where something popped about two months ago.  I tried to walk it off since that is what guys do but I couldn’t do that since it was hard to walk.  I couldn’t put much weight on the leg.  I did finish planting the flowers though since life goes on.  And I’ve been with an ice pack for the rest of the day.  If I’m sitting and have the leg straightened, I really can’t lift it so elevating it isn’t going to work.

But you can see where this is going.  I can sort of walk on it but there is no way I can dance on it.  Last time it took a couple of days to get it back where I could be OK but we are supposed to leave on Thursday for the event.  I may be better next weekend but I seriously doubt I’m going to get much practice time in before then.  I’m hoping that I can heal quickly since I usually do but one never knows.

So what’s the life lesson?  As I said, I was unsure of my real feelings about going.  I couldn’t decide if I really wanted to do this or if I was doing this because it was expected of me.  My first thought when I got up and couldn’t walk was to be pissed that this happened now and how much it would suck if I couldn’t do the event this weekend.  I wasn’t worried about the cost – I was just really, really mad that I might have to miss it.  You see, I really want to do this!  Hell of a way to find out though.

At this point, I don’t know what is going to happen.  I’m hobbling around a little bit telling myself that it doesn’t hurt as much.  I happened to have some muscle relaxers from a previous thing so I took one of those since I suspect it will tighten up over night.  I know for something like this you can use ice and heat but it also takes rest and time.

But, as much as I appreciate this insight in my true feelings, I do wonder if the powers that be couldn’t have come up with a less painful method.  Maybe something that just hurt like hell but went away quicker???

Of course, this could also have just been totally unrelated and the real lesson is that wood gets slippery when wet so don’t walk on it.

At this point, I will take any positive vibes you can send my way.  If you have any advice on quick healing, I’m all for that as well.  In the mean time, I’m going to trade ice packs and keep hoping for the best.


  1. Wall – i’m empathizing like mad have a very stubborn case of iliotibial band syndrome and have had pain for almost a month now. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation (RICE) are your friends. Do your best to not stress the knee till showtime. If the pain is still significantcwhen the comp rolls around, consider bailing. You don’t want to develop a chronic situation. If you do compete, good luck!

  2. What a way to find out you really like this dance stuff! Ice the crap out of it, baby it, and if it’s not feeling way better in a few days, don’t go. There will always be another comp if you’re healthy enough to dance at it. Empathetic vibes coming from my part of the USA.

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