Back in the Saddle Again

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I’m back from my vacation in sunny San Diego.  (Too be fair, it wasn’t sunny all the time but they really needed the rain so I can’t be too upset that our last morning there was a little wet)  It was good to get away and recharge a bit.  I will say by the end of the week, I was ready to come back home and get back to dancing.  It is an addiction after all and it must be fed.

The studio is full on in their spring “festival”.  Again, this is something the Famous Franchise does twice a year where they pit studios against each other and the studios earn points based on how much their students do over the six week period.  There are themed parties where you are supposed to wear costumes and other ways to earn points which then translate into fabulous prizes.  They’ve actually changed the rules a bit this year.  It used to be that you had to reach a certain level to get anything so there were a lot of people who fell short so I think they’ve gone with the “everyone’s a winner” philosophy and put in more small prizes so everyone will walk away with something.  But it also means they’ve done away with the top prize which was $250 off an event like Showcase.  For me, that was a way to get a whole bunch of “free” heats so I’ll have to adjust my sites a little bit.

And, they are again doing the Showstoppers which is where you are supposed to learn a brand new routine and then perform at the last party of festival.  The original rules were it had to be in a dance you hadn’t done before but I’m pretty much out of options so I think they’ve eased up on that.  I’m doing an Argentine Tango with the Body Double even though many years ago I did one with Z.  But they’ve changed the syllabus and I’m doing it with a new instructor so I guess OwnerGuy is letting me slide.

So last night, we played around with it some more.  I’m actually enjoying how excited the Body Double is about doing this routine and she’s really putting a lot of thought into the various pieces and how to tie them together.  I know we only have to do about 45 seconds of material for Showstoppers but this will clearly expand into a solo routine for the next Showcase in the fall.

This is another one of those moments where my logical mind is trying to find reasons to explain why I’m really liking this dance but then there is another part of me that just says “don’t try to figure it out, just go with it”.  I think I’ll let that side win out for a bit because I suspect you need to dance Argentine more by “feel” and that’s a side of me I’m just getting used to.

(Side note and something I may come back to at a later date)  One thing about me is that I’m not the jump for joy type.  If I’m excited about something, it will be more internal than external.  Just the way we introverts are wired. But I’m slowly learning that extroverted dance instructors may not be tuned in to that and it kind of dampens their enthusiasm if you aren’t jumping around talking about how great this is.  I know they need some level of feedback but it isn’t something that is part of my normal make up.  Sigh.  Once again, we introverts have to adapt to the extroverts and act more like them.  Anyway, I made a point of saying how excited I was over and over again last night.  It felt a little forced but it seemed to help.

More lessons the rest of this week.  The next dance adventure comes up sooner than I’d like and we haven’t touched the closed routines since the last Showcase.  Must resist the urge to freak out about that since I’ve said they are like old friends just waiting to be brought back.

It was a little sad to not see 3 of 3 at the studio but life goes on.

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