Where do we go from here

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Had my coaching lesson with the other half of the judge panel.  After basically telling me (nicely) that I wasn’t really doing what a silver level dancer should be, we settled on timing as something to work on.  He tells me that slows and quicks are just a crutch and I should be counting numbers.  With Bolero, you step on the 1, the 3 and the 4.  But you don’t shuffle your feet around – make each step clear.  He said your feet are the rhythm but your body is the melody.  So he accompanied that with a little upper body ripple that most guys can’t pull off.

So we basically laid out the bolero and just counted off all the steps and doing it with numbers rather than slows and quicks made a lot more sense to me.  There is one part I always rushed on but once I got the numbers down it was clear that I needed to pause in a certain spot to make it work.  The only downside is he says I have to count out loud to make this work.  Awkward. That’s how my next couple of lessons are going to be.  Eventually, I’ll have everything mapped out with numbers so it might make more sense to me.

I had previously mentioned doing an Argentine Tango routine for Showstoppers.  Yes, at the Famous Franchise, the fun never ends.  This is there twice a year festival which is always right after Showcase for us where you get points for every activity you do at the studio.  The more points, the more fabulous the prize you could win.  Showstoppers is at the end where you learn a little 45 second routine that is supposed to be new to you and then you present it at a big studio party.

But, based on the feedback, the Body Double and I decided to do an Argentine Tango routine for the Showstoppers.  I’ve really never seen the Body Double so excited as she was in trying to pick a song for the routine.  She’s super pumped up about doing this which is nice since the enthusiasm is contagious.  She settled on a version of Paint it Black done on Spanish Guitar.  A little out there and not traditional Argentine Tango stuff but I’m good with that.  There’s a section where she wants me to either drag her across the floor or where she crouches down in front of me and I spin her.  We practiced both last night and it is a good thing I’ve been doing some strength training.  The spinning is easier for me since I don’t have to walk with my knees bent.  As much as I hate videos of myself, I wish I had one of us doing this at Showcase since the comments were strongly positive.  One even said they could tell I enjoyed the dance.  I’d like to see how I actually looked and why it was so obvious.

Other than that, I’m really not sure where we go from here.  I feel like we’ve invested so much in those open routines that I don’t want to just walk away from them but I’m starting to seriously wonder whether it is a smart investment to go to comps when I still have some pretty big gaps in my game.  Should I just stay with Showcases while we further refine the open routines based on what the coach says.  Should I go back into the medalist program and try to learn some new steps but apply the technique I’ve learned.  I do have another dance event coming up pretty soon but I’m not prepared to talk about it now.

The good news is I’m leaving for another vacation tomorrow.  I think getting away is really the best thing right now.  I can think in peace about where I’d like to go next and I can recharge after the Showcase prep so I don’t burn out while prepping for this new event.  Decisions, decisions.

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