No time to panic – but I’m going to do it anyway!

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I can fool myself since Showcase comes up in May and that is a brand new month since we are still in April.  But the calendar says it is only two weeks from Sunday.  Cue panic stricken scream right now.

OK, we got that out of the way.  Yesterday Z showed me the newly redesigned Waltz routine incorporating the moves the coach wanted us to do but also with the rotation fixed so it mostly travels around the outside of the floor meaning that we’ll have a better time avoiding the clogged middle.  I could feel the panic rising as my mind was telling me that we only had two weeks left and I’ll never learn this in that time.  Plus there were several other couples on the floor doing various dances and so we had to weave around them which created some funky rotations at times.  Then, there were times it just wasn’t possible and we had to stop and start over in a different location.  I guess I should just be happy that I got through it even though it didn’t feel smooth and flowing like a waltz should.  Afterward, two of the students who were subject to our fly by’s told me I looked good doing it.  I managed to just take the compliment instead of my usual deflecting.  So that’s progress.

Part of what has me a bit down is my knee is still giving me problems.  I know there is the arthritis and there is nothing that can be done about that and there are just times when it flares up for no good reason.  But I don’t know if I created some additional instability with the little injury a couple of weeks ago.  Fortunately, the studio is closed today (staff training) so I’ve got a day of rest and maybe I can take it easy this weekend and see how it goes.  Then, comes the home stretch and I’ve just gone crazy booking lessons over the next two weeks.  I may not be the best but I want to make it a challenge to outwork me.  If the knee holds together, then I’m pretty sure things are going to turn out OK.  I think I will drop a couple of heats though because there are some dances I just don’t need to spend the time on right now and that will conserve my knee and feet that day for the dances I do care about.

On the plus side, the costumes are mostly in.  I’ve got a pilot’s shirt (with epaulets) and a cap for my shuffle routine and an Egyptian costume for the quickstep.  I’m going to have to make an adjustment to the Egyptian costume.  I can’t effectively describe it, so here is a picture.

Given that I live in the frozen north and that I’ll be wearing a huge knee brace, I’m going to put some yoga pants on underneath.  Ain’t nobody who will want to see my pale legs during this performance.  It might be a bit over the top but I’ve found that costumes really help me get into these routines.  Besides, it makes it that much close to Dancing with the Stars which is what everyone thinks I do anyway, so why not just go along.

Last night was an interesting party as it was one of the few where the women outnumbered the men.  Making it even worse was that OwnerGuy left before the party and the new guy wasn’t there so there were no male instructors.  There were several newbies so some the Statue and 3 of 3 spent a lot of time hovering around the newcomers to make sure they were having a good time and not arguing about dancing.  This was also the rare party where there was a theme.  For some reason, they decided to let people suggest songs so there was a sign up sheet available for a couple of weeks before the party.  Interesting selection of songs as most people chose songs they liked without really thinking about what you could actually dance to them.

But the first song comes on and they announce who picked it and she’s come by herself since her husband was out of town and I realize she’s not going to get to dance to the song she requested.  Well that wouldn’t do so I naturally asked her.  The second song came on and they announced who requested it and again, it was another solo lady and none of the instructors made a move to dance with her so I once again volunteered.  Really, what’s the point of selecting a song if you don’t get to dance to it.  As you can imagine, my dance card was pretty full that night.  I had originally thought about not going so I could rest my knee but I’m glad I stayed.  There was another younger lady (15-16) who took lessons for a bit but I haven’t seen her recently but she came to the party.  There were a couple of songs where she was standing on the sidelines feeling the music and the instructors were all busy so I danced with her a couple of times as well.  I actually got her on the floor for a Mambo even though we just did basics and cross-overs.  I have no idea if I was on time or not but I figured I couldn’t leave someone on the side of the dance floor when it was obvious they wanted to dance.

So it was a good time.  Now comes the home stretch and hopefully a successful Showcase in two weeks.  I’m hoping the knee decides to behave.


  1. I love that you take it upon yourself to make sure ladies aren’t left lonely on the sidelines! And hang in there! You’ll do great in your showcase! At least you know you’re not the only one freaking about an upcoming performance!

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