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At the end of my last post, I tossed in a small comment about hurting my knee.  Was a little bit more than I expected as I tried going to my lesson on Friday night and I really was favoring it.  Came to a part in the tango where I’m supposed to hold a slow on my right leg and the knee said “not so much”.  We tried Fox Trot but it was no better, so I was forced to give up even though I need the lessons to get ready for Showcase.  I mostly rested over the weekend but I still had to get out and do errands.  I tried walking the dogs on Saturday but had to cut it short because I really still couldn’t put much weight on the knee.  Sunday was a little better and today is better still but I skipped the treadmill and I cancelled my lesson for tonight.  Just wasn’t ready for the single leg lunges the Quickstep requires.  I still feel some pain when trying to just stand up without supporting myself or in climbing stairs.

What happened?  Well I was doing my workout with my trainer on Friday.  Nothing I haven’t done before though.  We did some squats but he has me use a TRX so I can use my arms to help support my weight.  We did some hamstring curls as well so I was engaging the knee.  Got through the workout just fine and I was actually standing up when something went “pop”.  Yes, there was an actual sound.  It can’t be super serious or else I wouldn’t be walking.  I’ve read about tendonitis in the various parts near the knee and it sounds like some irritation like that.  Of course, I’m not buying into the whole 4-6 weeks of rest thing although who knows what my body will ultimately decide to do.  I’ve got a new brace and I’ll try that and see how it works.

Because I’m a bit hyper competitive with myself, I decided to push my treadmill workouts.  I read somewhere about doing 3 miles a day.  I know my knee can’t stand the strain of running so I’ve been walking but amping up the speed and incline just because.  I’ve also had some pain in my feet – some arthritis in my big toes that the foot doctor expects I’ll need some surgery on at some point.  But who’s got time for that when there’s dancing to be done!  Anyway, I think I was compensating for the feet on the treadmill and putting a strain elsewhere which finally showed up on Friday.  My solution is to back down on the speed just a bit and maybe listen to my body a bit more and not try to push through.

Dancing ties me up in knots a lot but the thought of having to take a break from it did not make for a happy weekend.  I do sometimes think that things happen for a reason so this might just be a subtle reminder to enjoy it while you can and not let it get me into those emotional dark places.  After all, as bad as those are, not dancing would be even worse.  It is an addiction and I need my fix.

Of course, it could also just be a sign that I’m not as young as I’d like to think I am.  What really sucks about all this is that there is no doubt that I’m in the best shape of my life.  The arthritis in the knee limits what I can do and now I have a few other things that are falling apart.  I’ve battled weight most of my life and one time many years ago, I managed to get down to a reasonable weight.  I have few regrets about my life but one of them was not locking in the changes I made back then and staying at that weight.  Instead, things started to slide and then I went beyond where I was before which just made the journey to take it back off that much harder.  I probably was doomed to get arthritis anyway but carrying around all that extra weight for all those years certainly didn’t help.

With any luck, I’ll be back on the floor Wednesday and if things go well, I’ll be able to handle Showcase in May.  I’m going to tell my trainer to lay off the squats for awhile.  I’m sure there are other things he can find to torture me with.


  1. You can always tell your trainer to switch over to working the upper body for a while, to give your legs a break. Two weeks of focusing on shoulders, arms, back, core and abs will still allow you to burn a bunch of calories when you workout, but keep lost of the workout stress off your knees.

    Obviously you can’t do the same idea when dancing, unless you can walk for long periods of time on your hands. But doing that with a partner would get awkward quickly, so it’s probably best not to even try…

    1. We did that today. Told him the knee was still bothering me so we adjusted and spent more time on the upper body and back. Good news is I did a little time on the treadmill (at a reduced speed and incline) to warm up and felt fine.

    1. Two weeks without dance would kill me! I think I didn’t do any real damage but I’ll find out tomorrow. Thanks for liking a bunch of my posts – you just helped me set a record for most likes in a single day. Not sure why WordPress tracks these things but they do and let me know.

  2. DW, I feel your pain. My right foot is bothering me right now.

    And ever since I started dancing, there was always something hurting. First was the knee, then the ankle, and now the foot.

    Just a quick note on the knee, my instructor told me to use my core and my ankle much more. And now my knees feels much better. Of course, then my ankles started to feel the pain 🙂 But do give it a try, to hold your core much tighter and lift the ribcages (especially during lowering) during dancing, I believe that would relief some stress on the knees.

    Hope you will have a speedy recovery!

    1. Thanks. I will try that although the whole “lift your ribcage” thing tends to be difficult. Dancing isn’t for the weak, that’s for sure.

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