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I was a bit down with yesterday’s post.  Then, I went to the studio and a couple little things happened.  The waltz lesson with Z wasn’t the best because she’s changed the direction of a couple of the patterns so they move directly down the floor which should keep me out of the bear pit that can be the center of the floor.  But that is new alignments and it means things move slightly differently and then they feel slightly different.  I am slowly coming to grips with the fact that there are many situations where there isn’t a clear “right” or “wrong” but I still struggle with my first impulse being that I did something wrong whenever something feels different to me.  And since much of this is beyond my capacity to vocalize, I tend to have these awkward conversations with Z where all I can manage is to say that it didn’t feel right but I can’t describe the feeling with enough resolution to give her something to work on.  Oh well.

But there was an interesting thing towards the end of the lesson.  She had redone the ending so the pattern looped easier and had spent some time dancing with the others in the studio to get the positioning right but, for some reason, when she was doing it with me, it just didn’t end up where she expected it.  Turns out she was anticipating how much I was going to move and I shocked her by taking bigger steps and covering more floor.  Not sure that it was a conscious decision on my part except that she has been on me to move more and maybe that just sunk in.  Anyway, she thought it was a good problem to have and we fixed it.  The waltz is still rough but there is time to polish it up.

Group class was hustle and a pattern that Z improvised from existing steps.  There is a part of it that we do in our routine and during the rotation, I was dancing it with The Statue and she asked if I had done that step before because she felt I lead it very well.  She also gave me some advice on how to lead a different part of the routine and that seemed to work pretty well with the other ladies in the group.

Last night was also the weekly party at the studio.  There was a couple there who doesn’t normally come to these events and they are Z’s students so they were doing kind of a full court press to get them to have a good time so they’ll want to come back.  At one point, there was a Fox Trot coming on and the new girl (still need a name) comes over to me and says Z wants me to dance with this guy’s wife.  I guess Z was taking him out for a Fox Trot and they didn’t want her sitting out.  The new boy isn’t around on Thursday’s yet and OwnerGuy was busy so I guess I’m the fallback to dance with the ladies when they want to break a couple up.  So we get done with the Fox Trot and she says to me that Fox Trot is not one of her better dances but she found it easy to follow what I was doing.

They also played a Two-Step at the party.  Again, 3 of 3 has an evil plan to inject more country music into our studio so they typically play one country dance at each party.  I actually got to dance with 3 of 3 so we did our two-step on a crowded floor with a lot of rookies but we ran through our little pattern multiple times without any real issues.  When I got stuck in a spot, just did a couple of basics to get past the crowd and they got back into it.

Last little item.  The studio is trying to up their presence on the web so they are posting more pictures and videos on the web site.  Somehow, 3 of 3 found a video of me doing a country waltz with The Statue from Showcase two years ago and she posted it.  There were several views when I saw it which makes me a little curious; I’d love to know who was on the site and decided to watch.  I should mention that she just used my name as a title.  Anyway, a student who I don’t know that well posted a very nice comment about it.  I actually forced myself to watch it and not focus on my posture (which always needs improving) and it wasn’t bad.

Long story short, I was feeling like I was pretty worthless yesterday but I got a whole bunch of reminders that I do have some skills here.  I’m not anywhere near as bad as I think I am.  The new routines are just harder but not out of my reach.

Now, the irony of ironies is that while I was feeling good about myself, I kind of tweaked my knee during my workout.  Hoping it isn’t serious but I can feel it when I do certain things so I won’t be able to go full out tonight.  Ups and downs – what can you do?

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