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Well I am currently far away from the frozen wasteland that I call home. Technically, by this time of year, it really shouldn’t be a frozen wasteland anymore but this winter is last winter without the snow. That makes two really cold, really sucky winters in a row. In case it isn’t clear, I HATE the cold. It is life draining and the endless stretches of well below normal weather are enough to drain the life right out of me. Fortunately, I’ve been in a place where it is always warm and there is the ocean to look at and nice breezes and I can momentarily forget that I don’t live in a place where shorts are a year round option. I am hopeful that this week in paradise will give me enough to make it through however much of winter remains. But, March for the last two years has been significantly colder than usual and this year stacks up to be the same. Well it has to end at some point, doesn’t it??

The two things I miss the most are my dogs and dancing. The dogs can be a real pain but it is always nice to come home to living creatures that are always happy to see you. Funny thing about dancing and how much it is a part of my life. I was in a little store and I recognized the song on the radio as a bachata so in my head, I started thinking “side, together, side, tap”. OK, I did a micro version of the bachata in that store but kept the steps as tiny as possible and only did a couple of basics. Didn’t want to look totally silly. I can’t deny it – I am a dancer.

One other random thought that has struck me. We are not a “sit on the beach” couple. Nor are we into extreme sports and other highly physical activities. But the significant other and I do enjoy getting out and exploring any place we visit. As you’d expect from a pair of introverts, we don’t go in for any group activities or tours so it is just us tooling around and seeing the sights. I’ve been to this place before but that was before I lost all the weight. It is different now. Not saying I’m some kind of super athlete but after spending all that time on the treadmill, I can cover significantly more ground without devolving into a sweaty mess. Which is pretty good considering how hot it is here. Heck, I did a two mile walk on the beach this morning while the spouse was still asleep (I’m a uber morning person, and she likes to sleep on vacation, so what else was I going to do).

Getting in shape and staying that way is something I owe to dancing as well. That was the switch that finally triggered me to do something because I knew that I wasn’t going to be able to be serious about dancing until I got in better shape. How I feel and how much more I’m able to do is just a side benefit. When I say dancing changed my life, this is part of what I mean. No wonder I can’t wait to get back. (I just wish I could bring some of this weather back with me).

Later all.

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