The Return of the Work Daughter

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Just a post to show you that there is more than dancing in my life. I mean, I can’t be about ballroom all of the time. I guess I really can’t call her the work daughter anymore since she doesn’t work for me but I don’t have a new, clever nickname at the ready so this will have to do. Early last week, she posted a picture on her Facebook page with a passport and a cryptic comment about a “short trip somewhere”. Many people asked her where she was going but that was met with silence. In the comments, someone posted about seeing her over the weekend which suggested she was going to be here. But there were no further posts, so I just assumed that comment was wrong and that she was off somewhere else. Or that she had just made a quick trip in to see her family and that maybe there wasn’t time to see anyone else.
Yesterday morning, a coworker of mine corners me in my office right after I get there and starts talking to me. This is her pattern so I again thought nothing of it. Then, she gets a phone call and says something like “oh, you forgot your badge” since our buildings are very secure and we don’t just let anyone in. Again, I didn’t connect the dots but it was early and I can’t be held accountable for not being perceptive. But, suddenly, there she was right in my doorway. Surprise!
It turns out that she wanted this to be a surprise and had enlisted my coworkers help. It turns out that most of this week is a public holiday in the place she is living and so by taking a few vacation days, she got over a week to come back. She actually talked to my co-worker back in December when she bought the ticket just to make sure I wasn’t planning a vacation since I do have a habit of escaping the frozen wasteland I live in to enjoy sun and warmth for a brief period. But, once they found out that I was going next week, then the full out planning began so they had a time worked out and the co-worker coming to my office was a planned distraction to make sure I was there. I give her credit for not spilling the new since she kept the secret to herself for a month and a half.
Here’s the real kicker. When I first started planning our escape, I was looking at this week. Leaving on Valentine’s Day seemed like a nice idea and besides, we normally start to see hints of spring by the end of February. But fate or karma or whatever you choose to believe in stepped in because I couldn’t get the right combination of flights and/or hotels for some of my choices this week. Somehow, everything opened up for next week so that’s when we are going. Which meant I was here for the return.
We had a nice visit yesterday and then I met her for coffee after work so we had time for a little private talk. She is doing well in her adventure as I knew she would. I remember before she left and how worried she was about everything and telling me to expect lots of messages from her because she wasn’t going to know anyone and it was going to be awful. The first month we did exchange a lot of messages as she adjusted but that tapered off as I expected because she’s got this inner strength and independence which means she makes the best of any situation. So as she proved to herself that she could do this, she didn’t need as much support. So this visit was fun because I got to hear stories about her new life and saw more of the smart, independent young woman that I know she is.
I’m sure I’ll see her a few more times this week because there are other people at work that she didn’t get a chance to see. But seeing her again has made this a very good week. (Oh, there was dancing yesterday as well – don’t worry, I’ll get back to that)

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