Aches and Pains

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So I saw this random fitness quote that has stuck with me because of its simplicity. Someone recommended 3 miles or a 30 minute workout every day. Well my trainer was off this week and I’m not about to try some of the stuff he’s been having me do without him so that left just the one choice. I should point out that I don’t run but I do try to walk at a fairly fast pace that the treadmill actually considers jogging speed. This is because I’m internally competitive and the treadmill can be kind of boring so I have to set new goals for myself both in distance and speed so I’ve been pushing myself in that direction anyway. The good news is I had my 10000 steps in before any dancing.
This was also a week where some lessons got moved around and with the general confusion around trying to schedule lessons with three different instructors, I ended up with double lessons on Wednesday and Friday and had six total for the week which is a little on the high side. Shall we just say that parts of me are a little creaky today. My knee is not happy with all the activity but you have to keep pushing. The weather here is supposed to be nasty tomorrow (rain to snow) so that’s my day of rest.
To get back to the lesson confusion, a couple of weeks ago, Z came to me and asked if we could move some of my Thursday lessons. I have a long standing appointment with her on Thursday nights but I’m generally flexible so I said why not. I didn’t realize that she had doubled up Wednesday to make up for the lost lesson and then kept my Thursday on the books but moved it to 3 of 3. I mentioned earlier that my lesson with 3 of 3 was moved to Monday since the Body Double had a new couple to deal with on Monday so the lesson had gone from Z to 3 of 3 to the Body Double. At the end of the night on Wednesday, Z said something about how we’d work on a certain piece tomorrow and I said that we didn’t have a lesson tomorrow and she says “why not?”. I said I didn’t know because she had moved the lesson and then started going on in what was supposed to be a humorous way about not knowing from day to day who I was going to be dancing with. Guess that might have stuck with her since I got there on Thursday expecting to work with the Body Double and find out that Z has taken back the lesson. Don’t really know how all that works except it meant the lesson had gone the full circle through all of my instructors. Of course, the Body Double had some new Quickstep parts she wanted to show me and was free on Friday so we booked a lesson.
I have to admit that while I’m pretty flexible and adaptable, it is hard sometimes to deal with a change at the last minute. I kind of get in a certain mental state knowing who I’m working with and I start running through the dances in my head just to help with the preparation and then I have to quickly shift gears to deal with a different personality and a set of different dances.
With Z, we worked on the Fox Trot and Tango. The new parts of the Tango weren’t bad but we went back the beginning where OwnerGuy tossed in these Viennese Crosses which have these “ands” between a couple of the quicks so it is a fast set of steps and they require me to rotate in a complete circle while moving down the dance floor. Z’s only advice was to move. I’d said I’d look like a runaway train and she said that was a good thing since it would make everyone else get out of my way. Well it will take a bit to get the timing and to do the spotting thing so I don’t end up seriously dizzy after practicing a few times.
OwnerGuy also choreographed the next part of our Quickstep routine so that’s what I was working on with the Body Double. She let me in on a little secret – the steps he put in were advanced Silver steps. OwnerGuy is such a nice, pleasant person but he’s really evil. They have different styles but they both have their ways of pushing you which I guess in the end is a good thing. The Quickstep does require a lunge on my bad knee which I could do but I’m now paying for it.
The other highlight of the week was party on Thursday. Many unattached ladies this week for some reason so I had a full dance card. There was a young lady – I’m guessing 15ish who was at her first party. I’ve seen her at groups but this is the first time she came to a party. In talking with her (yes, the chronic introvert actually struck up a conversation with a strange person during dancing), it turns out she went to a ballroom dance class on a cruise ship, liked it and wanted to continue. I think we made her feel comfortable because I’m sure it might have felt a little strange for her to be dancing with all these older men.
The other bit of news is that the studio has a new male instructor. I won’t give him a name just yet because you never know how long new instructors are going to hang around. I talked to him briefly and he seems very excited so we’ll see how it goes.
Next week, there are two coaches coming in. As it so happens, they will be judging the Showcase in May so this could be interesting. I’ve worked with the guy before a couple of times. He judged a Showcase with his previous partner and he’s fun to work with. So it will be another busy week for me. Hope to have more fun things to talk about.

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