The Power of Fake Positivity

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So I read somewhere that you can trick yourself into feeling good by simply making some kind of positive statement about yourself. This is supposed to work even if you know the statement isn’t true. Naturally, my logical mind tossed this out as total BS. After last night, I may have to reconsider.
I finished my night with a lesson with Z and we were working on the technique stuff that I, as a somewhat advanced dancer, should be doing. This is more work than fun and I was less than excited. But as a joke, I said “I’m super excited to be here” when she asked how I was doing. We both knew it was sarcasm and I kept repeating it throughout the lesson. After all, there is nothing better than running a joke into the ground.
Funny thing happened though. I ended up doing a reasonable job and she actually got excited about my progress. I did start down the road to the dark side a few times but it never seemed to be worth it to continue the trip.
The lesson was all about lead and connection. We did a step I’ve done1000 times but this time I had to move forward to establish the connection while slipping just my foot back. Then, I transfer weight to the back foot. Small and subtle but it makes a big difference. Then, to finish another part, I have to concentrate on rotating my upper body before taking the step. This kind of detail is going to happen throughout each dance and it was making my head swim. I started to think about all these little movements and how was I going to remember them all and how it seemed impossible. But, for some reason, another little voice inside just wouldn’t let me keep going there.
I got a little negative when she was jumping for joy about me doing it right and I said it just meant I had been doing it WRONG up until then. But I realized later that if I hadn’t yet been taught the right way, then why should I beat myself up for not knowing what I needed to do. Truth is I wasn’t ready. May not be totally ready now but I think I’m closer
Last example was when she talked about a certain pose and wanting to make a pretty picture. My mind instantly jumped to “well with me, no picture is ever going to be pretty”. Fortunately, I kept that thought to myself. Not really sure why that tends to be my first reaction but that needs to be fixed. Got enough people in the world willing to bring you down so I shouldn’t be helping them.
I guess it comes down to changing. Like the weight loss, I had many false starts before I found something that stuck. Maybe this fake positivity is the trick. Who knew??

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