Three instructors, three routines, three times the fun

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I know I’ve mentioned this before but twice a year, our Famous Franchise does a Tournament of Champions (TOC).  Not sure who the champions really are though (I now have the Queen song “We are the Champions” running through my head by the way).  But they have a series of themed parties and you earn points for all your activities and if you get enough points they kick in a certain amount off any one event.  Really, it is just a clever way to sell more lessons but its a business so I don’t care.  Since I do so many entries at Showcase, I see it as an opportunity to get some of that paid for by doing what I would normally be doing anyway which is living at the studio.

Some years ago, they started something called Showstoppers where you train for a 30-40 second routine in a dance you’ve never done before and if you agree to do it, you get points.  The points aren’t really worth it but it is also a good way to get you to take more lessons because who wants to do a routine unprepared.  And then it leads into Showcase because if you do a 30-40 second routine in front of the studio, then it isn’t that much of a leap to add on to it and do it at Showcase.  My problem is that over the course of my dance life, I’ve done routines in Rumba, Viennese Waltz, Two-Step, Country Waltz, Fox Trot, Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing, Hustle and Quickstep which doesn’t leave me a lot of options for new dances.

But we’ve settled on both a new country dance and a Quickstep which might be against the rules but I won’t get double points for doing two new routines and one will be new so OwnerGuy shouldn’t care too much. This also fits with my goal of doing three routines at the Showcase in May.  The country dances are going to be 3 of 3’s territory and she’s really super excited about getting the chance to do this.  There aren’t too many people into the country dances here so maybe I need to be the trailblazer to show them how its done.  We’ll continue to work on the two-step as well with a goal to make that better come May.  She comes to the lessons with pages and pages of notes on the various steps and we went over the first couple and worked our way around the floor.  At some point, we’ll have to turn the steps into a routine but there is time for that.  I think I’m going to like working with her because she keeps it light and fun and these country dances are really just a distraction from the more serious ones.  Although they do have country comps at the bigger events and did have some of that in Houston so who know where this leads.

I mentioned that the Body Double was working on Argentine Tango with me.  We got shockingly good feedback on the entries we did.  I do have to get into a tighter frame – yes my personal space issues will need to be resolved.  But there were comments about good musicality and good feel for the dance.  So, even though it really doesn’t excite me that much just yet, I think I may have to stick with it for a bit and see if it gets better.  Anyway she is also taking the Quickstep and she’s fired up about that dance as well and mentioned to me that she wanted some of her regular students to do it but they just weren’t far enough along.  Unlike the country shuffle, we started in on the routine rather than on Quickstep basics because OwnerGuy came up with some choreography.  They picked “Walk Like an Egyptian” for the song (what can I say, I’m stuck in the 80’s) which gives OwnerGuy a chance to work in some “funny” moves but I’ve said there are limits on what I will do.  I’ll wear costumes and I’ll do some things to play to the crowd but I’m not up for just amping up the entertainment value; I want there to be some serious dancing as well.

Since I don’t have the history with either of them, I think they feel more free in offering critiques when they don’t feel something which is actually what I need.  The whole point of leading is making sure the lady feels what you want her to do and if you don’t, you need to know about it.  That was the basis for several of the comments I got from Showcase where the coach said it didn’t always look like I was leading and Z was just doing things because she knew the routines and what was up next.  Of course, both of them seem to have a much better way of making the corrections.  Sometimes, it isn’t what you say but how you say it.

Unfortunately, I’m down with a flu like thing which forced me to cancel a lesson yesterday and one today.  Doing a quickstep with a fever is probably not a smart decision and I really don’t want to spread the plague to others.  I blame the really nasty early cold/snow spell that we had.  It might not be the reason but since I hate snow and cold, it feels good to blame my illness on them. Hopefully, this is a short term thing and I’ll be ready to go tomorrow.

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