Pre-Showcase Fears

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Well Showcase is rapidly approaching and, for the first time in awhile, I really don’t feel ready. I’m finding myself in the strange position of being more concerned and less excited. And since I can’t really talk about this with anyone, you get to be the lucky audience.
First, there is the hustle routine which wasn’t long enough so they added some new material. A week out and it isn’t a finished product. When we do things slow, I can execute all the moves. But the minute the music comes on, it becomes a train wreck. There is one showy step that I just can’t get and it frustrates me. Z says that I just need to finish a step. I’m sure she’s right, but I hate it when she and OwnerGuy make statements like that. As if it’s just a simple little fix when I know it isn’t.
Then, there is the formation which is also not finished yet so it is still being tweaked. If we had more people and more experienced dancers, this would not bother me. But there are just four of us and one guy is in way over his head so asking him to learn new material this close to the event is not a good thing. With just two couples, mistakes are going to be magnified and if he gets lost, it will be obvious.
Then there is the Argentine Tango I’m doing with the Body Double. Got to say that right now nothing about that dance excited me so it is hard to generate the enthusiasm for the lessons. I know it is big at one of the other studios coming to showcase so I’m sure I’m just doing it to help fill out the floor. But it just feels like I’m wasting time that could be better spent elsewhere.
I guess the biggest thing is I’m feeling like I’ve stalled out. The judges coming to this event are people I’ve worked with before and really admire. I’d like to make a good showing but I’m afraid I won’t show a lot of progress from the last time they were here.
Maybe Texas wasn’t the best idea because I do feel a little burned out and want to take a break. But then I’m afraid Showcase won’t come together so I want to keep working.
Twelve days and counting. I’ll need some luck to pull this out.

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