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OK, sorry for the tease but you’ll have to wait a little longer for the full story.  But I had to share a little bit about what happened today.  As I mentioned, OwnerGuy and Z stayed behind in Houston to play with the other Famous Franchise people so they got back late tonight.  Today around 2PM I get a text from Z saying she was so excited about the results that she had to say something because she was super pleased with how I did.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to have a repeat of NorthStar when I try to over analyze things; I told her I went primarily for the experience and that good marks were just an extra bonus.  So I’ll be happy with whatever comes out.  I’ll find out the whole story tonight and I’ll try to do another post but all good stories need a cliff hanger from time to time so that’s what I’m creating here.

I will share one that shocked me a bit.   Apparently, it IS possible to go from ground zero to competition level Mambo in just two months because she told me I placed first in the Mambo!  OK, I have to give you the caveat that I was the only Associate Silver guy in that particular heat but as she said, you still have to meet a certain standard even if you are the only dancer in a heat.  She told me that it meant I was dancing the thing ON TIME – or at least for the portion of time they were actually watching me.  Granted you’d probably have to really screw up to not get first when you’re the only one but I’m not going to minimize it.  A first is still a first and in a dance where I had no real expectations for this event.

I did get the “How did you do?” question from a lot of people today at work.  Had to say I didn’t have any real results yet but I’ll be prepared tomorrow.  Don’t think I’ll mention that I was the only one in certain heats because it is hard enough to explain the scoring without talking about minimum standards.  Besides, why diminish the accomplishment?  Might as well enjoy the moment.  I will be most curious though about the heats where I did have another person at the same level.

Oh, and then I got home and had a nice little note from the work daughter.  We’ve primarily communicated through text messages but she had some time so she just sent me a little note about what she’s been up to and the good news is that she is adjusting to life far away from home.  I don’t know that I’ve shared but there were a couple of crises that required some lengthy text exchanges where she just needed someone to tell her that things were going to be OK.  But as any good surrogate parent, I want her to be happy so getting this note was very uplifting because it was all positive.  I know she still misses the safe environment at work but her destiny is really elsewhere and I think I had to help push her in that direction so she wouldn’t settle for the safe choice.

They say bad things come in threes.  Well, today, good things came in threes.  I was out talking to some of my staff today and all of sudden I look up and I’m surrounded by the group.  It turns out that Thursday was bosses day (I had no clue) and they missed it so they were presenting me with something today.  I played along with it a bit to tell them how crushed I was that they had overlooked this day but they knew I was just messing with them because I didn’t do anything for me boss.  Our assistant normally remembers those things and takes care of it but she was out last week so nothing was done.  Of course, the boss was also out last week so it didn’t matter.  Anyway, I got a Starbucks gift card and they bought me five more personal training sessions from our gym at work.  What else do you need?  I have a great group of people.

I promise to have more details on the results and to also talk about my exchange lessons with the Body Double and the Firecracker (think that is what I will call her but I may change my mind later) sometime soon.  But today was such a good day that I felt like sharing my happiness.


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