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The work daughter left to start her new big adventure yesterday.  One of the downsides of airline security is you can’t wait at the gate with someone until the very last minute they board the plane.  No, I didn’t take her to the airport – that was her boyfriend but the point is that if you are traveling alone, once you get through security, you are all by yourself.  For you extroverts who don’t know any better, this isn’t an issue as you probably find some random people and just strike up conversations and be done with it.  And most people traveling along are on business so there is usually a lap top or other mobile device to bury into so you can shut the world out.  But I believe for an introvert who doesn’t like change, sitting there by herself was likely just giving her all kinds of time to freak out about the upcoming trip.

So it isn’t a shock that I basically spent a lot of my day holding her hand electronically through text messages.  I tend to think of her as the independent and bright person who came in and just took control of the position she had but she is also a young lady who had to grow up too fast and has fears of doing the wrong thing and serious fears about being alone.  Fortunately for me I was in the classic time waster of corporate life – an overly long and generally pointless management review about a new project where the project team simply presents the rosiest picture they can so management will agree to move forward.  Texting with her during the meeting was a welcome diversion and I do think I accomplished more by calming her nerves than paying close attention to the endless PowerPoint slides.  We weren’t covering any real deep subjects but I think it just helped her to know that there was someone out there who was there and cared.  Most of us do need that from time to time.  I got her on her first flight and then we picked up during her layover – she had flown from one city to another while all I had done was walk down the hall from one meeting to another.  Weird.  I got the text this morning telling me she had arrived.  I am confident she will do fine and that she will meet lots of people but I’m ready for the long distance text messages when they come.

As I think about our relationship, I can’t help but wonder whether it was simply a random series of events that brought us together or whether it was something more.  I had not had great success with the first intern and wasn’t keen on doing it again but I just happened to be in the middle of a project and had a need.  I don’t really know why I picked her from the three candidates.  Of course, I have no idea what the back story is with the other two or if they had the same needs but clearly this one just needed someone to believe in her.  But we also don’t have the benefit of knowing how her life would have turned out had I gone with someone else.  Maybe it was just random – a case of the right person being in the right place at the right time.  Or did something guide me to select her to give her the opportunity to showcase what she could do.  Sorry, but this is pure INTP goodness.  I am intrigued by the series of events that brought us together and the bond that formed and I’m looking for some kind of explanation.  It is what we do.

And, I’m off work today so I took Rocco the wonder dog for a walk.  We have three but the other two are senior citizens who can’t move as well while Rocco is 7 but has not slowed down at all.  When I’m home, he just naturally assumes a walk is in his future.  Walking the dog can be ideal for me because I can be outside getting exercise but it also allows me to do some deep thinking which is where some of this came from.  It can be bad if I’m in a dark mood, then my thoughts sometimes take me to worse places.  Today, it was just trying to think about connections between people and how random they can be.  There are any number of things that could have happened that would have prevented us from ever meeting.  Instead, I end up in a position I never expected to be in with parental feelings that are all new to me.  Was this just a random series of events or was this fate.

Just to add something else to the mix.  At the end of the walk (when I’d been thinking about this), I get Rock-boy back into the car, fire it up and hit the radio.  It is of course tuned to the 80’s on 8 on Sirius.  I bounce between that and FirstWave.  Yes, I am stuck in the 80’s – what can I say – that music is associated with a lot of good times and it is very familiar to me so that’s what I gravitate towards.  Anyway, the first song that plays is “Don’t you Forget About Me” which contains a line about the rain falling.  At that time, I had cut short the walk because it was raining.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, the work daughter has told me many times to not forget about her.  So I’ve been thinking about this and that’s the first song that plays when I get back to the car (cue twilight zone music).  Random unrelated event or some kind of sign?  That’s when I decided I should try to collect my thoughts and post this.



  1. Wall – Coupla things. First, congrats again on being a mensch. That young woman’s life absolutely is better ’cause ‘o you. Second, it was not an accident that you picked her out of the litter. I don’t know how those things work – God, energy (the same thing?), power of your intention (I’m talking law of attraction) – but I’m convinced they are not random events. I’ve had too many uncanny experiences to believe in an entirely random universe. Here’s a reward for being a good guy: a new EFT source, if you’re willing to take another look at a powerful self-help tool that’s done wonders for moi. Over 50 clinical trials – yes, RCTs – support EFT’s effectiveness.

    1. Mensch – first time I’ve been called that. Interesting and thanks. At this point, I’m just glad I’ve got unlimited text messages as part of my plan. I’m going to have to make sure she does as well.

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