I’ll Rumba for Ya

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About three weeks from now, the studio is doing an open house.  They do 3-4 of these a year where they open the doors for guests to come in and see what the heck this ballroom dancing thing is all about.  Guess the theory is that crowds are safer so it isn’t like coming in for a lesson and that first lesson can be plenty scary.  They do hit people up to see if anyone is interested; I’m not sure what the conversion rate is but it must work or they wouldn’t keep doing them.  At the party on Friday night, they were asking for students to do demonstrations because they like to show people what is possible.  It is assumed I’m going to participate so my instructor and some of the others were daring me to do rumba.  I actually thought they had signed me up but I checked the board later and my name wasn’t up there.

Been thinking about this on and off over the weekend and I’ve decided I’m going in Monday and sign up to do the Rumba despite my many issues with that particular dance.  Figure I have to do anyway so I might as well do it in a safe environment like the studio where nobody will be judging my Cuban motion.  The choreography isn’t particularly difficult and I’ve pretty much got it down now so it is just a matter of a little polish before the open house.  Also, I have to be honest, I’m dancing with my instructor who is an amazing dancing and everyone is going to be watching her anyway so as long as I don’t fall down, it’s going to look pretty good.  She may make me change my mind if they want something with a little more “wow” factor, but that’s my plan for right now.

We also planned out lessons for April.  I have to work around her schedule a little bit since there is a national meeting they are going to and then they are taking a couple of extra days for vacation and there are some comps they’ll be going to so we just had to arrange for some different days.   But the countdown to showcase is on so it is the home stretch to get ready.  We still need a tango open routine which will probably be done on Tuesday and then we have to figure out how to loop the swing and waltz routines and do some tweaks to the Viennese Waltz routine and go back and run through all the closed routines and then find time to brush up on West Coast Swing and Two Step.  Lot of work but if showcase goes well, then it is all worth it.

I think I’m also getting closer to putting some of my earlier freak outs behind me.  I did want to be pushed because one only experiences growth through being challenged and overcoming challenges.  I don’t expect these to be perfected by May and they don’t expect it either hence the many comments about me growing into these routines.  Do want to work on keeping my head back because I still have a tendency to come forward.  (Sorry, but I have to do a brief digression here.  She tells me I should practice keeping my head up during the day while walking around.  Funny thing is that I do that a lot and I find that when you walk with your head up and make eye contact with people, you get a lot of smiles and greetings.  I was used to being the introvert and looking down and avoiding eye contact so these experiences are all new to me).  But to make the most of the practice time, I have to just focus on repetitions and not stopping because something doesn’t feel right.  Got to just push through the awkward parts to make them better.  This is the attitude I’m trying to give myself for next week and going through Showcase.  The bottom line is I can do this.  There is nothing here that is really above my talent level even though it feels that way at times.  There are steps that will take a little longer to get than others and some subtleties that will always need work and the challenge will be doing this routines that move quite a bit on a crowded floor but I am starting to believe it will all come together.  I’ll let you know how long I hang on to that attitude.


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  1. Rumba your butt off, Rocco! Wear a black outfit. Remember, to the guests, you’ll look like hottest Latin guy they’ve ever seen.

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