A Little Dance Therapy Please

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Let’s just start off by saying I’ve had a couple of really bad days at work.  Got someone going through a particularly rough patch in her life and so she has a need to share with me.  I’m not really sure why because I’ve never shared real personal information with my boss.  Maybe its just a guy thing that we don’t talk about feelings very much (and it doesn’t help that my boss is a woman so there are certain topics I’d never bring up).  It may not be just a guy thing since I have a whole team of women and there are several who don’t feel the need to drop their personal stuff on me but this one certainly does.  Trying to fix someone’s problems is draining especially when they won’t take any real steps to make the situation better.  And the stress of that resulted in some bad eating.  There was birthday cake on Monday and someone brought in a King Cake today so I broke my rule about not eating junk at work twice in the same week.  Plus with all the discussions I had to have, I couldn’t get to the gym today so I was not feeling the greatest.

Then, I just made the spontaneous decision to go to the group class tonight even though I didn’t have a lesson.  I don’t go to group classes on the days I don’t have lessons because the cost/benefit ratio doesn’t really work out.  The studio is about 20 minutes away so I spend almost as much time in the car as I do at the group class.  Plus, many times it is a step I have done so many times that there is little new that I can get other than trying to work on frame and posture.  And the third reason is you never know what the mix of other students will be.  If I end up having to wrestle someone through all the steps, then I just don’t get much out of it.  But I really needed something so off I went.

There’s just something very familiar and comforting about pulling into the parking lot and seeing various people working on lessons.  I guess it is a little like Cheers – where everybody knows your name but just without the alcohol.  I kind of freaked my instructor out a bit since she assumed we had a lesson that she hadn’t prepared for so she came over just to double-check and I let her know that I was just there for group.  They are letting the most advanced of the new instructors teach the advanced group.  She’s the one I worked on the country waltz with.  She is very detailed and wants to make sure we are working on more than just the steps which is a good thing but it means she has a tendency to toss out new things to work at random intervals during the group class which tends to overwhelm some people.  She’s also very introverted so the class tends to be all business with little chatter in between reps.  That also means you have to be on your toes and ready to go or else she’ll just start before you are even in frame.

The good news for me is that my designated cha-cha partner was there.  Her husband has had some health issues so he did not attend which gave me a partner for the night.  There was only one other couple and it is the lady I mentioned in my post about leading.  The dance was Tango and we had some variations I hadn’t done before.  So it was well worth going because I got some good practice in and we were able to get through the figures and dance them fairly well even though neither of us had done one of them before.

And, at the end of the night, on the drive home, I realized that I hadn’t thought about work at all during the entire class.  Dancing is so great because it engages the mind as well as the body so, if you are really focused, there just isn’t time to think about anything else.  I also feel a lot more relaxed now and happy that I got some physical activity during the day.  I’m feeling recharged and ready for whatever happens tomorrow.  I think my mind just realized what I needed and lead me to do something that was a little out of the ordinary for me.   This is just one of the many reasons why I dance.

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