Dance is the Oasis in the Winter Snow Desert

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Brutal day today.  We kept having wave after wave of snow which was only supposed to amount to an inch but was probably closer to 3.  I know it wasn’t over 3 inches because the guys who clear my driveway don’t show up unless we have three inches of snow.  I know this does not sound like a lot to some of you but it is so depressing to keep looking out the window and seeing snow.  When you thought it would taper off, it would start up again.  So it meant that I had to shovel my driveway when I got home.  First, because I didn’t want to do it after the lesson in the dark and secondly because my car got stuck going up the driveway.  I live on a hill and the driveway takes a little curve which means I have to slow down to negotiate the curve and lose power going up the hill.  Long story short, I spent about an hour clearing my driveway while it was still snowing.  Have I mentioned before how much I hate winter.  Yeah, this really sealed it.

Well as I was finishing, the snow actually stopped and the sun briefly came out which really lifted my spirits.  I trusted that the weather forecasters who have lots and lots of fancy equipment and lots of complex models were going to be right when they said the snow was going to stop. No, that was premature because right before I got to the studio, it started up again.

So tonight’s lesson was with a coach.  She was actually the part owner of the studio we originally started with.  Lots of drama and twists and turns but she ended up selling it to her business partner and then moving away and now comes back to give coaching lessons.  Since she knows both my instructor and her husband, they bring her back quite a bit.  I tend to avoid working with her for a lot of reasons, but she is good at choreography so it made sense to give her a shot to design an open routine for me in fox trot.  First thing is she wanted to see our closed amalgamation which we went through.  She loved the pivot (yes!) and also thought I did a good job with the terrace locks which is a step I can’t stand because it is four quicks with me on my toes.  Feels awkward and dorky which again tells me that how I feel really has no relationship to how a particular step looks to someone else.

Her one comment was that I need to shape more which has been a consistent theme with some of the others so the routine is designed with several things where I’m supposed to shape.  Don’t get me wrong, shaping is important but it has to be done right or it looks silly (at least to me).  There were a couple of times where she was demonstrating a step and telling me that it was something I already did but there were enough subtle differences between what she was doing and how I did it that I was totally lost.  The analyst in me was really working overtime but I managed to keep the frustration in check and held back on calling them on the differences and why what she was doing wasn’t exactly what I had done in my closed routine.  Yes, it was hard to keep my mouth shut but I’ve learned that doesn’t get me anywhere.  Eventually, we get a rough version of it down.  There is another spin for me which is really not exciting.  In the end, it is all good because it is a challenge and will push me to new levels which is what I want but I still want to gripe about it a bit.

After the lesson, I had to stop at Lowe’s to buy some more salt since I had run out.  The drive home was fun because it was snowing the entire way.  Again, it wasn’t accumulating in the spots where there was lots of car traffic but there would be places where all of sudden the road was covered with snow.  And, since it was dark, you really couldn’t tell.  My driveway was again covered with snow but I was able to get up.  Normally, I wouldn’t worry about it but we have people coming to the house tomorrow and there is no guarantee they’ll be able to make it up so I salted the hell out of the driveway and shoveled some additional spots and then checked the weather and found out that we have several waves of snow coming in tonight with a potential for up to two more inches by morning.  Which just means more shoveling for me tomorrow.  Have I mentioned that I really hate winter?

So, once again, the highlight of the day was time spent at the studio.  That’s where I can forget all about the nastiness outside and just become a dancer for a little while.

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