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Let’s just say that I never started this thinking I would end up as part of a community but it has happened.  Over the months, the dominant topic here has been ballroom dancing which now makes a lot of sense because it does stir up a lot of stuff inside.  Through links and likes and comments, I’ve found others who write similar blogs and tell similar stories and now Stefani from the blog Biggest Girl in the Ballroom is trying to create a little community of us.  After several emails and some internal debate (which I’m very good at), I provided her with a guest post which she has up today.  Thanks again Stefani.

Then, I realized that the last post I had up here was from the 10th which seems a long time ago.  I do have a lesson tonight and a lesson with a coach tomorrow where we will develop a Fox Trot routine and both of those may provide topics but I think I was too focused on the guest post to do anything new here.  Now that is done so I can start up here again.

I am very happy to be dancing tonight because today was not a fun day.  Over the years, I have developed a strong dislike for snow and cold and this winter has had plenty of both.  We had a January thaw this weekend with sunny weather on Sunday which made for a perfect day to take my most active dog for a nice long walk.  I love being outdoors and the sun was nice because we’ve been real short on that lately.  I know I shouldn’t have done this but I started mentally thinking about spring and trying to convince myself that January was almost over and that it wouldn’t be so bad and that we had such a rotten week last week that I could take anything else.

Then today happened.  I’ve also found that I can take snow better when I’m mentally prepared for it.  What really gets to me is when the weather forecast says no snow or flurries and they turn out to be completely wrong like today.  Flurries don’t accumulate but I’ve got a nice layer of “flurries” on my driveway right now.  Granted, we didn’t get a lot and I know other places have it worse, but that doesn’t make me feel any better.  The worst thing about this was that it was an on and off snow all day long.  We’d get periods of pretty heavy snow, then it would tease you and taper off and then it would kick in again.  The radar showed this blob right over us that didn’t move and just sat there spitting out snow.  I realize that getting upset is silly because you can’t control or change the weather but it was the fact that it just wouldn’t stop was too much to take.  Its dark now and it was supposed to stop but we’ll see when I leave for the lesson.

The other part that I don’t like about snow is having to navigate all the other drivers out there.  I’ve got about a 20 minute drive to the studio.  If I take the highway and there is no traffic, the drive isn’t bad.  But, when there is snow, things invariably slow to a crawl and it takes much longer but it also makes me a little claustrophobic sitting in my car (really shouldn’t because I drive an SUV) but just being surrounded by all the other cars gets to me a bit.  It becomes a stressful trip which wears me out before I even get to the studio.  Sometimes, that actually makes the lessons better because I’m brain-dead.  Anyway, the traffic flow should be diminished when I leave so even if it is still snowing, it shouldn’t be a problem.

But the long-term forecast is for an inch of snow tomorrow and 1-3 on Saturday.  Depending on the timing, the snow may be out of the way when I need to leave for the studio tomorrow or it could make the trip total hell (I grew up in Michigan so believe me I know how silly that sounds but it is truth here).  I try not to worry too much about the future because the weather people are so often wrong that it seems silly to stress about something that (a) you have no control over and (b) may not even happen.  Still, there are times when I really want to just scream “STOP” at the snow (OK, confession time, I have actually done that in the car where no one could hear me).  And I post snow hate things on my Facebook page.  I know it is all silly and doesn’t make the snow stop or go away but it sometimes makes me feel a little better.

All I know is that we are halfway through January and I’m dancing tonight which will get my mind off this weather and onto something that will make me happy.  Just got to take this a day at a time because, sooner or later, it will be over and will be into spring which is hands down my favorite time of year.


  1. You gotta move to AZ! Today the high was 73, the low 43 – the only catch is the summer….the summer we moved here it hit 122 – so hot they stopped the airplanes at the airport because the runways weren’t long enough for the planes to get enough lift with the air that hot. But, no snow, unless you go up to the mountains. Hope the dance lesson went well tonight. Thanks again for participating and the guest post, I’m excited about growing our community.

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