I’m the Twister, she’s the Cow

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First lesson of 2014 is in the books and it was a good one.  Getting to the studio was a bit problematic due to the unwelcome snowstorm.  I don’t mind driving in snow but I can’t stand having to drive in snow with all the other cars around me.  Especially when the highway slows down because I start to feel a little claustrophobic trapped in my car.  So it was a little stressful getting there and I was a little worn out from shoveling our driveway but I wasn’t going to miss the lesson.

We started back on the Cha-Cha routine.  As expected, it started off slow.  I found out that my lesson before Christmas was the last lesson she taught so we had both been off for two weeks but it came back pretty quickly.  We got to the one really advanced step in the routine which was a bit of a struggle but then she hit me with the Twister analogy.  I use a lot of analogies but analogies don’t always work on me because I do tend to pick them apart.  I mean if you are going to tell me that A is like B, then there ought to be some similarity between A and B or I’m going to call you on it.  Yes, I’m sure that can be annoying but I’m just wired that way.  Sorry, I digress a bit.  But she explained that in this step, she starts on one side of me and then I sweep her in, go around her and kick her out so she ends up on the other side just like the cow in the tornado in the movie Twister.  For some reason, it really worked for me.  It was funny because she didn’t really want to go there (I’ve picked apart many of her analogies) but decided to give it a shot.  Really, it is the evolution of our lessons together because she’s been really trying to find ways to reach me because we do have different learning styles and tend to see things differently.  At one point, she told me that I’ve made her a better teacher because of trying to think of new ways to get something across and I do really appreciate what she’s doing.  And, if she’s going to do that much work to be a better teacher, then it really forces me to keep an open mind and try to be a better student.

Then, we moved on to the swing routine which is newer but we worked through all but the very end.  The roughest part for me is going to be my spin because it is supposed to flow just like another triple step and I keep hesitating because I’m not sure where I’m supposed to go.  We did it a couple of times to music and I can see that is where things break down.  But, it will come with repetition.  As she told me, I just have to get used to where the spin comes up so it becomes automatic.  She said I need to do that first before we start working on making the spin better.  We had another part of the routine where she wasn’t sure what the right timing was but we broke it down and tried a couple of different options and figured it out.  In other words, we were really clicking on the lesson.

I’ve come around on the cha-cha routine.  I guess doing it live for the rest of the studio helped but now I see some real potential.  I noticed one of the other students sneaking looks while we were doing both the cha-cha and swing and one of the other instructors was doing the same.  If these come together, then I’m going to have a blast at the next showcase in May.

Group class was Tango.  I did catch myself checking my posture a couple of times in the studio mirrors.  I know that sounds like a minor thing but, for me, it isn’t.  I go out of my way to avoid looking at myself at all times.  The quickest way for a lesson to go downhill is for someone to ask me to do something in front of a mirror.  This is one of the demons I need to slay because correcting posture does require looking at what you are doing to understand the difference between the right way and the wrong way.  So its a baby step but it is still a good thing.

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