Swinging into the New Year

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Yesterday was a very good day indeed.  We worked on the swing routine and I can see some real potential there.  We got through about 2/3rds of it and the remaining part is what she thinks will be the trickiest part but there was nothing yesterday that is not doable.  It is rough and will need work but I should expect that – have to keep from holding myself to my impossibly high standards.  When it was first being put together last week, there was so much coming at me so fast that it just seemed like it wasn’t going to work.  But my instructor was real good last night breaking it into small pieces and it really isn’t as big of a deal as I first thought (but then what else is new).

I have to do a spin and turn which is not something I’ve done before so struggling a bit with balance on both.  My other problem is going to be to keep my feet moving to stay on the right foot.  I do have a tendency to cheat on the triple steps in swing and can easily get caught with split weight which just messes everything up.  With the school figures, it is relatively easy to get back on track but this one presents a little more of a challenge so it will take a lot of repetition and focus until the moves become natural.  But I do honestly believe I can make this work and it will be cool to see the final version.

One last comment on the cha-cha.  When I got there, the studio owner was working with another student.  He did again comment that he thought my cha-cha looked good.  So that’s a positive thing for me.  After performing it, I now have a new appreciation for the cha-cha.  I can see that these open routines are a chance to combine strong technique with some flair so I do have an opportunity to really show off which is what does appear to drive me.  Maybe I am less of a competitor and more of a performer.  Who knew?  Anyway, I am now excited about these new routines.

In fact, last night went so well, that I’m a little worried about the fact that after Friday, I’m taking almost two weeks off.  Part of that is because the studio is closed for the holidays.  They are open some of the other days but by appointment only and with no group class, it is a bit of a drive to take a single lesson.  I could do a double but I really think the time off will be a better option.  I’ve been pushing it leading up until showcase and then after and, while I’m probably in the best shape I’ve ever been, I have to face the reality that I’m not as young as I think and some time away is probably a good thing.  So I think I’ll stick with the original plan and just rest the two weeks after Friday and then come back strong on the 2nd.

Now a slightly different topic.  I got this little notice telling me my site stats have shot up the last couple of days.  It looks like someone actually went back through most of my old posts.  Wow!  That seems like quite an effort.  Personally, I think I’m easier to take in small doses but it was interesting to see the bar graph hit a huge spike.  Whoever you are, I hoped you enjoyed the trip back through my past.

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