Cha-Cha – When a Mistake Becomes a Positive

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The snow did come but it didn’t keep me from attending.  Some of the folks who were scheduled to perform decided not to come so it was a lighter crowd than anticipated.  Probably a good thing because they weren’t very organized at the studio.  If more people had showed up, it would have been difficult to work in all the routines plus hand out the awards from the tournament of champions and work in enough general dancing.  As it was, they crammed all the routines together towards the very end of the party.

We were doing great on the lesson running through the routine multiple times and I was starting to get some of the finer points down.  Because the song didn’t quite fit the theme of the event, we ended up having to change it.  (Long story, and we probably could have gotten away with using the first song but she ended up deciding to change).  So, we only got to practice the routine to our new song twice before the group class and then had to wait through most of the party to do it.

I’m not going to offer that up as an excuse but I didn’t have the timing down on the new song which is a constant problem for me.  Sometimes, I can find the beat and magically stay on time.  Sometimes, I can’t and then things go wrong.  I think I’m too keyed up during performances so my natural inclination is to speed up and go into over drive which is exactly what happened.  I thought I was on time but she basically gave me a signal to slow down and then I missed something else and got a little behind.  As always, I was ticked off at myself for messing up when I knew I could do better. 

Funny thing was, she was telling me that what shocked her is that I did all the steps but just much faster than I should have.  She reminded me of how, at the beginning, I didn’t think I’d be able to pick up these steps and that it felt fast with all the syncopation so she was actually happy making a comment that timing can be fixed.  I needed to take my own advice and accept the small victory but it is hard for me to do in the heat of the moment.  I had to hide in the bathroom for a couple of minutes just to get my head back on figuring everyone else saw my screw ups.  But, as my instructor pointed out to me, my judgement of my performance is the last thing I should trust.  She told me her husband liked what we did so if we fix the timing, then the routine will work. 

Was able to collect myself and enjoy the rest of the party.  Driving through the snow on the way home, I again realized that she was right and getting the steps down and being able to actually do them to real speed (faster than I was supposed to) is a positive step.  I just have to focus on finding the beat and keeping time which is a constant struggle for me because I don’t have much a musical background.  But it isn’t an unsolvable problem which is something I just need to keep in mind. 

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