Snowball – Dancing just for the fun of it

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Last night was an event they call Snowball.  It is just a dinner/dance that the local studios put on so it is totally low key unlike either Showcase or Medal Ball.  You show up, dance, eat, dance some more, watch a couple of the pros and then dance some more.  Most, but not all of the music is Christmas songs – some traditional and some not so much.  Some of them were a stretch – they’d call something a cha-cha but there would be no and one beat so I’m not sure who labelled the music but they clearly didn’t quite know what they were doing.

I’ve tried to run the numbers before and it really seems like this event can’t be a moneymaker for the studios.  It wouldn’t shock me if they lose money on it but they are all about getting people on the floor which I’m sure helps because the more you can get couples to dance outside the studio, the more they will see how much fun it is which probably leads to a desire to do more which means more lessons.  So it does draw a different crowd then some of the other events which is nice.  I love showcase because I get a chance to really show off but this event is a close second because it is just for fun so everyone is relaxed and I do love Christmas music.  Hate the cold (and it was brutal last night) and the snow (which we have a bit of) but I could tune it all out and just dance. 

I used to hate the getting dressed up part of these events because I prefer to wears jeans but I’ve discovered that there is something nice about dressing a little classier and going to an event like this.  The weight loss helps with that as well because I can wear things that actually fit.  The event was held in a really nice place downtown with great views.  The floor was a little small and you had a lot more novices than at other events so negotiating the floor was something of a challenge.  No major collisions though so it was all good.

My instructor and her husband did a single dance during the pro show.  They are clearly the class of the local organization and it just amazes me to watch them move together.  They did a Viennese Waltz and it was brilliant.  Despite our sometimes rocky relationship, I do get that I’m exceedingly lucky to be working with such a talented dancer.  It was a late night for me so I’ve been dragging a bit today – that is the one downside because it is the middle of the week so I’ve felt all day like it should be Friday but I still have one more day to go this week. 

But it was a great event and it was another reminder to me of why I dance. 

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