The unexpected benefit of the blog

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I’m not entirely sure why I started doing this but I’m discovering there is a real hidden benefit to this process.  As you know, dancing can tie me into knots and just totally mess with head as it bounces me from highs to lows.  (If you don’t know that, then you can probably pick any two random posts and you’ll see the swing)  For a whole host of reasons, I don’t have an effective outlet for discussing the strong emotions that dancing stirs up.  First, I’m a guy and we just don’t do that.  Secondly, emotions are still a little foreign to me so I can’t find the right words to truly express them.  And, it is hard to find a receptive audience.  I’m sure most people would just think “Its just dancing”  Of course, it is much more than that (at least in my head) but I’m the only one who lives in my head so it is difficult for others to relate.

But, I can come here and just dump my emotional baggage to the world and sometimes it just helps me get my head back together and clears my thoughts.  As you can obviously tell, I’ve never been one to write a journal or do anything like this so I never truly understood the potential benefits.  I do sometimes wonder what kind of impression I leave with people who read this.  I think I’m more balanced than I may appear but who knows.

Anyway, the main point is that I had another lesson tonight but I was in a great head place so it went really well.  We were working on bolero and focusing on one particular technique which was changing weight from foot to foot with every step.  She feels that I’m not doing that enough which might be the reason for some of my issues with cuban motion.  Normally, I’m not a fan of deconstructing a dance to just focus on a specific technique but this went much better.  She was even able to introduce a silver 3 step which went really well because I was so focused on shifting weight that I didn’t have time to overthink the step.  Maybe she is a evil genius after all.  If I could figure out a way to bottle this attitude, then my lessons would go so much better.

Then, we had a fox trot group.  I was the only advanced student and there were other things going on so I ended up going to the intermediate group.  Didn’t bother me a bit because I could focus on my frame and head position since I already knew the step.  But, perhaps because of that, I was really able to feel the connection to each of the three ladies.  I was able to feel the grapevine with one who was trying to get her heels down on each step which was messing things up.  She was an over-thinker (and boy can I relate to that) so every time we finished, she would say “was that OK” or something else like that.  Where I could feel things, I’d offer comments but mostly it was just telling her she was doing fine because you can’t expect perfection at a group class for a dance step that you don’t know.  Well, OK, I can expect that from myself but that’s different.  She did say at one point that dancing with me felt like ice skating which seemed like a good thing.  The second lady like to lead; she knew what she was supposed to do and was trying to get there no matter what I did.  I think I may have been the only one who pushed back because she did say she really needed to stop trying to lead which I agreed with (politely, of course).  The third lady was really just following and letting me do my job.  So, with her, I got her into frame and then just moved her a little offset from me which was something they hadn’t gotten into yet and we just flew through the step with no problems.

There were a couple of times where the instructor would say something I knew this was just an introduction to the step and that they would eventually change the technique later but I decided to keep that to myself.  Kind of like when you’re watching a movie you’ve seen with someone who doesn’t know how it ends.  Little do they know what awaits them.  But I really enjoyed the group class.  So it was a very good night.

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