Practice, Practice, Practice,

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Grinding it out until showcase which is 11 days away.  I’ve booked extra lessons for this week and next week.  I’ll be leaving soon for a double lesson tonight that will get me back a little later than normal.  I know this is a double edged sword because the extra practice does help as the more I run through these things, the easier it will be at showcase.  But, trying to do too much has the potential to end ugly if I get too far into my head.

I’m a little nervous about the quickstep because the ending is much more complicated than the stuff we’ve done up until now and there is limited time left to practice.  But, I can’t spend too much time on the quickstep because I need to run through everything else especially the ones I don’t do that much like bolero and viennese waltz.  I do figure that the beginning of the quickstep is going to be entertaining and the middle should be good so I just have to muddle through the ending and hope for the best.

Last night we worked on waltz, fox trot and viennese waltz.  The waltz was OK except for my constant issue with speeding up and my back twinkle which just sucked.  So I got yelled at and we worked on that multiple times.  Have to learn to get my head over that foot and not to rise too far to avoid losing balance.  Do it right, and I can stay on time.  The fox trot went reasonably well but there is an open box that comes after we do a bunch of quicks so I have a tendency to rush the first slow of the open box so we worked on that.  I’ve never liked the beginning of the viennese waltz because she goes into a spin and I’m supposed to do advanced left turns and catch her for part of them.  Hate that part because I have a hard time judging where she’s going to be so we worked on a way to fix that.  I figure with four attempts to get it right at showcase, I should be able to get at least one to look decent.

The more I do this, the more impressed I am with real professional dancers.  The steps are hard enough but there is so much more involved and so much of the movement is so subtle that small changes can send something completely off track.  I just have a hard time keeping all of that straight in my head even with the notes I try to write myself but all we are doing is basic level dancing.  The pros routines are much more complicated and yet they can still pull them off.  But, to quote Tom Hanks in a League of their own, “If it was easy, then everyone would do it”.  (Might not be exactly right but it conveys the meaning).

What saved me from getting too frustrated is that while we were doing the waltz, a couple of the newer students were watching.  Three of them hung around after group class and just stayed for a bit to watch us dance and I got some nice compliments.  It is that balance I need to achieve.  Allow my insecurities to drive me towards better performance but not get so hung up trying to be perfect that I lose sight of the ability I do have.  Well off to my lesson to keep grinding towards showcase.

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