Showcase Countdown – 20 Days to Go

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Current panic level = 2

It probably shouldn’t be this high.  Of the elite eight, there are six dances (Waltz, FoxTrot, Tango, Swing, Cha-Cha and Rumba) that I know and have done multiple times.  Just need a little work to polish them up.  The same is probably true of the other two (Viennese Waltz and Bolero) but we don’t do those often enough at practice parties.  Still, I should be able to get those down.  Hustle isn’t an issue.  That’s one I just free form anyway so the only real issue there is timing but that’s a consistent theme in all my dances.  Two-Step and West Coast Swing are the wild cards.  I have amalgamations for both but just need more reps to get them down to a point where I feel comfortable.  The west coast routine has been done before so I’m good with that.  The quickstep routine is not finished.  The ending was laid out but we needed the studio owner to video himself doing it so we could start working on it.  My next lesson is Wednesday and it is supposed to be done by then so we shall see.  As I expected, the ending is more complicated than the basic steps we had been learning.  It includes something called a woodpecker which sort of requires me to hop around on one foot.  It isn’t that bad since it isn’t really a hop but, as I told them, I haven’t hopped on one foot in a looooong time.  There are other steps waiting in the ending that promise to be fun as well but the woodpecker is a little freaky right now.  I suspect this will be where I go seriously off time because I believe it is all quicks.  Either that, or I will just fake the hops and hope for the best.  Did explain my reservations to the owner but he was having none of it.  In a way, I like the fact that they want to push me but then I also feel that he selects steps he likes or knows rather than looking at the particular strengths of a given dancer.  But I know my instructor isn’t going to let me look stupid so we’ll just make the best of it.  And, I know with routines like this, that the first one is just a trial run.  So if it all doesn’t go well, we keep working and do it and the next showcase.

Upon further consideration, my parents have decided not to come down.  At least that is their decision as of now but it is all subject to change.  I explained a little more about the day and how I’m going to be up most of the day and without a lot of time to sit and talk and I explained how long the day is and I think they decided that with Thanksgiving coming up that it didn’t make a lot of sense to make two trips down here in two weeks.  As I suspected, my Dad thought I wasn’t getting a lot of family support so he thought they should come to show support.  I told him that I get plenty of positive feedback from the videos I’ve posted so I know I’ve got support.  Think that also made him feel better as well.

They had a party at the studio on Saturday.  It was their five year anniversary so students from a couple of the other area studio showed up.  They held a couple of giant group lessons and then did some general dancing and finished with a couple of pros.  My instructor and her husband did a Waltz and a Tango and they had friends of theirs come from another studio to do a Rumba and an Mambo.  Always fun to watch real professionals do serious competitive level dancing.  In between, they had three students do level demonstrations and I was one of them.  I knew I was going to do one but changed at the last minute to do just the cha-cha amalgamation rather than one of the routines.  Freaked me out more than I expected and had some bobbles at the beginning but we looped it a couple of times and I got progressively better.  Talking with someone afterwards and they didn’t even know what I had messed up.  I do have to realize that I feel all my flaws but most of them aren’t really noticeable to the general audience and what we do looks pretty good.  Someday, maybe. Ended up dancing with some people I didn’t know so it turned out to be a good experience.

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