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Not sure how I feel about this turn of events.  So I enter the studio last night and the owner is working with a couple and he must have been explaining about showcase and trying to talk them into doing more numbers.  The guy looks like he might be an easy mark because he’s in the stage where this is all new and wonderful.  So, the owner sees me and says “here’s an expert on showcase” and then asks if it is better to do fewer entries or more entries.  Well, we know what the right answer is, don’t we?  To be fair, there are some valid reasons why doing more entries is the way to go.  First, it is a long day so the more you do, the less down time you have and you reduce the chance of getting tired or stiff.  Secondly, I had a judge tell me that the more you are on the floor, the more you are noticed and the more they can say about you.  And, if you know that you have at least two entries for each dance you care about, then you can afford to mess up the first one because, chances are, you are going to mess something up.

But what is right for me isn’t necessarily right for everyone especially for a couple doing their first showcase.  I do showcase because it gives me the opportunity to feel like a real dancer and I love the rush of being on the floor.  But that may not work for everyone and I don’t want to think that I’m helping talk someone into doing something that may turn out badly.  (The sarcastic part of me figures I should ask for a kickback if they do sign up for more).  Anyway, I may have to corner them later and talk privately about showcase.  Really, I would hope that whatever is being suggested fits in with their goals.  Like I said, I answered the question honestly, but it just felt a little weird.

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