Why I Dance

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This takes a little intro but the title will eventually make sense.  Yesterday, we took somebody from work out to lunch for their birthday.  Went to a burger place and I intentionally picked the turkey burger and the option with what I thought was the lightest sauce (no mayo).  Even skipped the fries as the side.  About as good as I could be at that place.  Today, I wake up and have gained weight.  Yes, I know you shouldn’t weight yourself every day and I know that this could be within the error of the scale but I doubt it since once I bounce up, it tends to confirm.  Oh, and before lunch, I had hit the gym and did a 5K fast walk on the treadmill.  The depressing part was just that this was further evidence of how hard I’ll have to work just to maintain where I am.  Mentally, I know that this has to be a permanent lifestyle change but, every now and then, the reminders just hit hard.  I was throwing myself a little pity party and just getting depressed about thinking about calorie counting for the rest of my life and all the things I would have to continue to deny myself.

It did get to the point, where I had no motivation to get to the gym.  Thoughts of “why bother” went through my head, but I dragged myself over there to hit the treadmill.  Turned on the music and just started to drift away because walking on the treadmill is really boring.  My mind started visualizing dances to the various songs.   Dude looks like a lady comes on and I start doing some mental swing steps in my head.  Of course, I’m visualizing a much more advanced dancer who can do the steps perfectly.  When I wasn’t doing that, I was counting the time to the various songs.  And, while I was in the middle of counting Raspberry Beret, the treadmill hits my pre-programmed distance and shifts into cool down mode.  So the time just flew by and my mood was slightly improved.

Still wasn’t feeling it on the drive to the lesson so I just let the music take me away again (while paying attention to the road – I can multitask!)  We spent the lesson working on the quickstep routine and it was the first time we’ve pulled it out in a couple of months so it was all rusty and awkward but I had put myself in such a good place that I just laughed off the mistakes and didn’t let the frustration get the best of me.  Eventually, it came back and we spent a great deal of time going over a part that always gives me fits.  Still don’t have it 100% but really felt I made progress.  Was surprised at how much it moved- we were working the edges of the floor.  The group class was a swing and the step they were teaching included a head roll.  (They like to pick the unusual variations for the advanced group class)  Nobody really understood it but we worked through it.  On the way home, I just realized how much fun the lesson and group had been.  It was true that it didn’t come easy but I managed to stay positive and avoided getting inside my head and just enjoyed the moment.

So, to come back to the beginning.  I dance because it can take a day that starts out crappy and end it on a positive note.  (That’s just one reason but the one that is relevant here)

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