Personal Training vs Dancing

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Just finished my fifth session with the trainer today which means I’m halfway through what I signed up for.  I am actually shocked at how much I’m actually enjoying the workouts and how fast the 30 minutes goes.  It helps that he listened to my goals and is designing things to work on range of motion and strengthening of certain areas like my shoulders and core.  It actually has a lot in common with dance lessons – at least for me.  A lot of it comes down to moving in a certain way so you are isolating certain muscles.  It isn’t exactly the same thing as learning a dance step although one of the things he had me do today was almost like doing change steps from Waltz.  All of it is about moving my body in a certain way so some things I find are easy and some are difficult because I don’t know exactly how to move like he wants me to and I can’t really feel the difference between a good rep and a bad rep.  That is something that is very familiar from dance lessons.  I will say he is a bit more supportive than my instructor.  For example, he hasn’t said “Do it again and do it right this time” which is something I hear a lot while trying to get some dance technique down.

This is definitely something I want to continue doing and there are things I can work on in between sessions so I’m doing that as well.  I can see subtle changes in my body so I know I’m doing something.  Is it making me a better dancer?  Well, we spent an hour working on tango and focusing just on leg positions which should be slightly bent at all times.  At some point during the lesson, she said to me something like “you see how easy it is to move me when you keep your frame up and solid”.  I wasn’t even focusing on that which might be part of the reason for success but if I’ve built up a little something then it will help with endurance which is what you need to hold a frame.  Kind of excited about how this is working out so far.

Every now and then, I do stop and wonder if the trainer is thinking “gee, why can’t this guy do more” so I do have to push those thoughts out of my head.  I know I was basically starting from nothing so better late than never.  I would like to assume he is happy that at least I’m doing something.  Two years ago, I would never have set foot in a gym and now I start to get edgy going just a day without getting over to do a workout.  Strange but true.

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