Green Cadbury Eggs – Like I need another halloween temptation

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To me, one of the best things about Easter is the arrival of Cadbury Eggs.  I know that individual eggs will sometimes show up around Valentines Day at my local CVS but it doesn’t count until the stores go into the full blown Easter candy display mode.  So, once Valentines Day is over, it is the highlight of our weekly shopping trip to walk into the store and see the big Easter display and just know that they are waiting for me.  Smartest marketing move they ever made was to limit this to just Easter; if it was around all year, it would lose some of the uniqueness.  But, like all good things, they have to mess with it so they’ve added Caramel eggs, chocolate eggs and mini eggs.  The mini eggs aren’t really worth the trouble – if you are going to be bad and go for candy, you might as well go all out.  I don’t mind the caramel ones but the chocolate is a bit too thick so it isn’t my favorite.

So, if you haven’t seen them yet, I guess Cadbury has decided that the Halloween market is simply too good to pass on and so they are trying to carve out a small piece of it but coming out with what they call “scream eggs” which are nothing more than normal eggs with the center died a green color – guessing the green is supposed to look freaky but there isn’t enough of it to really make an impact.  Of course, eggs have no connection at all with Halloween which just makes them look sad and out of place among the other, more properly themed Halloween candy, like Candy Corn.

At first, I was going to resist what is clearly just a crass attempt to make additional money and will water down the uniqueness of the eggs.  (OK, that was just me talking crap to sound important, I was never really going to resist)  But they really don’t have the appeal that they do in the spring.  The taste is exactly the same but they just seem so out of place and it just doesn’t seem right somehow so they really don’t have much appeal to me.  Not that I’m going to totally shut them out but I certainly won’t be buying as many as I would for Easter.  I think I’ve made an Easter stash last over a month before but I could really care less about the Halloween ones so I buy a couple when they first come out just out of curiosity and then just give up on them.  I certainly hope they don’t try to jump into the Christmas season – then I might just lose all respect for them.

And, yes, I do eat them in moderation.  Not having any self control before is the reason I got to where I was but I have a much better handle on how to control my weight while still allowing for an occasional indulgence.

English: A whole and split Cadbury Creme Egg.
English: A whole and split Cadbury Creme Egg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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