The Showcase Plan is Coming Together

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The next showcase is November 10th.  After being at a Dance-o-rama, I wouldn’t call this a comp because you don’t get placements.  It is run like a comp with heats during the day and split into smooth and latin and then solo routines worked in between.  And you get to wear a number like a comp and since I’m doing routines, there will be costume changes.  There are judges but they just offer critiques so you have things to work on.  My instructor came up with the plan.  First she tossed out the elite eight – fox trot, waltz, tango, viennese waltz, rumba, cha-cha, swing and bolero and said 4 of each.  I agreed without much hesitation.  Since my goal is to do another comp, these are the ones I need to work on with goals of working on moving around the floor and technique.  Then we added hustle, west coast swing and two step as fun dances and we tentatively said 4 of each of those although that may not happen since two step and west coast aren’t popular and the showcase is limited to studios in the area so there may not be enough entries.  We have the west coast swing and quickstep routines as well.  Have pretty much decided against the country waltz but may go back and pick up a routine I did before like fox trot just to get to three routines which would be another goal.  It is a lot of heats but it reduces down time and one of the judges told me last time that the more you are on the floor, the more meaningful feedback they can give you.

Then we spent the lesson doing viennese waltz and working on rotating my shoulders more and lowering when my feet come together so I’m not always on my toes and keeping my head to the left.  Did see some improvement and I have things to continue to work on.  There was one brief moment when a thought entered my mind that I should already know this stuff but I beat that thought down and made it go away.  The last couple of lessons have gone real well even with a heavy focus on technique.  Don’t know if she is really explaining anything better or if it is that I’ve adjusted my attitude enough to be more open to her suggestions.  I guess time will tell but it would be nice to get to showcase without having another freak out lesson where we end up mad at each other.  Seems like it should be an easy goal but we do have a complicated relationship.

Two other random notes from the week.

The other day I wore a black shirt to work.  This is one of the shirts I typically wear for showcases so I hadn’t worn it outside of those events but decided that was silly.  Got the expected line about Johnny Cash even though I was in blue jeans so I started going on about how this was a shirt for dances and how you usually wear black.  I talked about the difference between smooth and latin dance outfits and someone thought I said lap dance which was fun.  But I’m explaining this and part of me is listening to myself thinking it is a little weird that I’m discussing this and that I’m so into it.

Yesterday, before the lesson, the studio owner was remarking on my shirt choice because I have done a significant redo of my wardrobe and he’s going on about how conservative I used to be and now I’m wearing bright colors and patterns and he finishes it with a comment about dancers being stylish.  There are other reasons why I’ve done the makeover but the comment just made me stop for a bit.  Me=dancer.  Not really an equation I ever expected to be true but with every day it becomes more true.  I know I’ve been doing this for awhile but it still seems a little weird when I sit back and think about it.  Which is all the more reason to stop thinking and just dance and that’s what I’ll be doing soon.

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