Ode to Candy Corn

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First of all, I have to confess to be totally addicted to chocolate.  To me, chocolate is desert and everything else is just fooling around.  But, then we get to fall and Brach’s comes out with the evil bags that contain what is a complete guilty pleasure for me – candy corn.  And not just candy corn, because I especially love the pumpkins that come with it.   I also like the fact that they have two types of candy corn – one where the last little bit has some cocoa or chocolate flavor so I have to buy the mixed bag.  I could live with a whole bag of the pumpkins because I like those better but then I’d feel like I’m missing something so I have to get the combo.  Its all fun and games until I look at the nutritional label (sometimes I really HATE those things).  The good news is that there is no fat but it is 150 or so of the emptiest calories you will ever have – all sugar and carbs and nothing else.  And it isn’t even like dark chocolate where you can fool yourself into believing that you get some benefit from eating it.  Candy corn has no redeeming qualities and no real taste either (except for the vague chocolate taste mentioned above) and it is unbelievably sweet.  Totally everything that is wrong with food and yet it still calls to me.  Yes, I bought a bag and yes I’m eating them.  I have managed a little restraint but holding myself to a small portion each day when I really just want to polish off the bag in one setting and drop into a major sugar coma.  The problem is that this bag will be gone on Saturday when we head out for shopping and I know there will be plenty to choose from at the store – give me strength.

Candy corn and candy pumpkins—one of my f...
Candy corn and candy pumpkins—one of my favorite parts of Halloween. They’re cute and yummy. I hope that others enjoy these shots as much as I do. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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