To Party or Not To Party, That is the Question

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My instructor and her husband left for a comp so they are not at the studio.  They decided to leave it open with the two other instructors in charge of the party tonight.   Am attempting to determine if I should go or not.  One of the two is the one I do the country waltz routine with but I’ve danced with her plenty of times at parties and I’d have no issues there.  She’s the more senior of the two but she’s even more introverted than I am so I can’t believe running a party is high on her to do list.  The other instructor is much more outgoing and could probably run a good party.  I’ve danced with her before though and there are two issues.  First, she’s very new which isn’t really an issue but coupled with the fact that she works with absolute beginners so she seems to assume she needs to help me all the time.  Again, not saying I’m the greatest lead in the world, but I’ve been doing this for awhile and I do have some skills so I really don’t need the help.  Just don’t think she is used to that yet.  The dancing goes OK but it does become a struggle for control at times.

On the plus side, I would go because I’ve spent the last week learning some new technique things in Swing, Rumba and Waltz which I’m really wanting to try out so here is the perfect opportunity.  But, the downside is I’m not sure who will be there.  With the more experienced instructors out, they aren’t running an advanced group so that might keep more of the advanced students away.  I know there is always benefit in going to a group class because you can always learn by trying to lead others but it will still be somewhat awkward to be in the intermediate group.  So, if I go, I would skip the group before which means a 20 minute drive there and 20 minutes back for a 45 minute party.  Not sure that has a positive cost/benefit ratio.

The main issue with parties is that most people come as couples and want to dance as couples so it doesn’t leave me with a lot of partners.  I am the designated cha-cha partner for one lady because she loves cha-cha and her husband hates it and I usually get at least 1 dance with a couple of the others.  If it mostly newbies, then I’ve got a bit more of a problem because I don’t know too many of them and it can be hard to break up a new couple since they like to stay attached to each other for the first couple of parties.  It also depends on how many people show up.  If few of the advanced students show up, then I could end up spending a lot of time sitting by myself which is not what I want to do.  Then, there’s another part of me that wants to do this simply because it is not something I would normally do and the worse case is I end up dancing with just the other instructors which is not a bad thing.  Have about an hour before I need to make a decision.  Weather may also be a factor.  It is supposed to rain later and that would make it easier for me to stay home – not really wanting to drive that far in heavy rain.

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