The Crazy Hours

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About twice a year, the studio does what they call Crazy Hours where you can book time with any instructor in blocks as short as 10 minutes for a much reduced cost.  It took me awhile to figure this out but if you booked the entire hour, you’d get more than a normal lesson for half the price.  So I’ve jumped on them whenever they were offered.  This year, they didn’t get the calendar updated so they ended up being scheduled when I had lessons so I didn’t feel bad signing up for those two days.  I waited a couple of days and nobody took advantage (not sure why), so I grabbed a third day.

I did this with the express purpose of focusing on one dance and told her to be as picky as possible and find the one thing that I really need to improve and we’d spend the entire time working on that.  Started with swing on Tuesday and finally got some good feedback on what my major issues are and we worked on fixing them.  Swing was a dance I originally loved but the triple steps started to feel awkward so I backed away for awhile but picked it up again because it is fun and I love the music.  But, because it was a fun dance, I haven’t paid that much attention to technique and she hasn’t pushed it but this was a good start.  Last night was Rumba which still isn’t my favorite but something I can get through.  Again, we narrowed in on a particular issue and spent an hour running through the amalgamation and some other steps to work on addressing the issue.  I think this was a successful model for future lessons because I knew what we were going to do and was prepared for her honest but sometimes a little too blunt comments.  Wanted this to be a trial run to see if I could handle just focusing on technique and, maybe because I set that expectation up front, she seemed a little more focused and most of what she said made sense to me.  After the last two weeks at work, it was good to get back to my escape but to also feel like I had a plan and that progress was made.

And something interesting happened in the group class right before.  We were working on fox trot – wing to an open box.  Step I’ve done a lot but that doesn’t mean anything because I’m certainly capable of doing a step incorrectly over and over again.  Anyway, after we had done the open box a couple of times, she stopped the group, pointed to me and the person I was dancing with at the time (group classes rotate partners) and told us to do the step.  When we got done, she used us as the example of how it should look when it is finished.  I’ve mentioned before that she’s not big on praise so you have to go with the if she doesn’t say anything, then you probably did it right.   And, most of the time, when she needs an example, she just grabs a guy (or lady) and just forces them through the step to make her point.  Think this is one of the first times she’s actually pulled a couple out as an example which must mean that I was doing something right and she noticed it.  She didn’t mention anything later and I decided not to press my luck and ask so I just took it to mean that she was happy with what I was doing and left it at that.  Still felt good though.

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