Training Session #1

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So I had the first of ten sessions with a personal trainer at the work gym today.  The next showcase is about ten weeks away and we’ve got things set up for once a week so we’ll see how it goes.  He knows about my dancing and that my goal is to improve upper body strength and posture so I can hold my frame over the entire day.   I’m sure that what I’m doing wouldn’t seem like much to any serious body builder but it is a start for me and it is definitely better to be working with someone who knows what he is doing.  Funny thing though is that some of it is about getting into the right position so you are getting the most out of the exercise which makes it very similar to a dance lesson when I get corrected on my posture and head position all the time.  The trainer is a little nicer about it though.

Again, everything seems to come down to posture.  I’ve been having some calf pain so I’ve been going through some physical therapy to deal with it.  (Because I had just taken a long plane ride in April, the first thing my doctor did was send me for another test to rule out a blood clot which it wasn’t)  But they’ve traced the issue to my back where I’m compressing some things which creates pain in the calf.  So I’ve had a bunch of exercises there to work on core strength but also a lot of work on posture – just to be aware of it so I don’t slouch at my desk.  And having to get up from time to time if I spend long portions of my day sitting which I do when I’m reading volumes of reports and/or protocols.  Yes, that is my typical day so is it any wonder that I look forward to dance lessons.

But it is also funny to me how much I owe to dancing.  While I knew about the obvious health risks associated with the weight, it wasn’t until I started watching videos of myself, that I decided I was tired of looking the way I did and that helped me start and keep with the weight loss.  Now, because of having to hold a frame, I’m spending money for some personal training sessions which is something I never thought I’d do.  Wanting to do better at dance has forced me to get my act together and get in shape.  I’ve also been off my blood pressure medicine for over a month and things are still looking good there so there is another health victory.  My only real regret is that I didn’t do this sooner but I guess you have to finally reach a point where you say “enough”.

We did take the dogs for a walk after dinner which was a little difficult because my shoulders and hamstrings were a little sore and I’ve got one dog who wants to go at a very rapid pace so that made things challenging.  Fortunately, I was smart enough to not schedule a lesson for tonight and hopefully I’ll have recovered enough for tomorrow’s lesson.


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