Day 1 is in the books

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Well I survived the first day. Unfortunately, I flamed out in the all around so didn’t place. In any case, I still had fun doing it even if it was disappointing. I ended up leaving after the awards because my instructor left as well. There is more going on but the whole thing has been a little overwhelming so I need some time by myself.
Not entirely sold on this just yet. It would be fun if we had a larger group so there’d be more people to talk with. It would also be nice to do more dances so there wouldn’t be as much downtime but the cost of doing it becomes prohibitive.
In any case, I walk out basically in the same place I was going in. I have a lot of work to do if I want to do better. The real question for me now is whether I really want to get there. Spent a lot of time in the studio so not sure I can do more. In any event, I’m really going to focus on not letting events like this freak me out so much. The dancing was fine so it really wasn’t worth getting tied in knots like I did. Can’t let that happen again because it isn’t worth it. In that way, this has been a positive experience.
I do more heats tomorrow so less down time so more fun


  1. Every time I compete, I learn. Not always an easy process but calm seas do not make a skillful sailor. I always need time to process everything, too. You get a lot of information, feedback, and all while coping with a new unfamiliar environment, and, like you said, there is also usually stuff going on in the background! Do to doubt that all that “stuff” emotions, relationships, communication (or lack thereof) certainly affects what happens on the floor. I hope you can find the gems in your experience. In any case, you can’t know until you jump in and do it, and now you have more knowledge and perspective with which to formulate your next step, goals, aims, and plans. Out of curiosity, is this an independent event or a studio/chain/franchise event? I wish you all the best for day two! From my own experience, sometimes my first days are total crap but then I refocus my energies after taking in everything from the crap day and manage to have a great second day. Tomorrow dawns a new day with new possibilities. Go get ’em!

    1. What you said makes a lot of sense. In most of the rest of my life, I tend to be more even keeled but dancing for me is like a roller coaster with intense highs and lows. So I need some time to put this all in perspective. Today is just about getting out there again because I love how it feels to be on the floor in an event like this. After that, I can sort out next steps. To answer your question, it is a franchise event. They throw in some “extras” to justify the cost (don’t get me started on the dinner last night because it wasn’t worth it)

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