And now I start get excited

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While I’m still mostly nervous, I’m starting to feel a bit excited about going to Dance-o-rama.  (I know, you are saying it is about time)  I had a good talk with my instructor last night.  Every now and then we just need to touch base and clear the air.  I want her to know how much I appreciate all she’s done for me.  She knows what I said came from a bad place but she does tend to brood over things more than I do.  Anyway, then we went out and ran through the rhythm dances and things went well.  We did the rounds – all four dances one right after the other for both the open and closed categories.  At the last showcase, I did a large number of entries but doing them all back to back was a bit tiring.  I know I could not have done this two years and all those pounds ago.

Then, we ran through our West Coast Swing routine.  There were a couple of relatively new couples taking lessons at the same time and they both stopped to watch the routine.  I guess when you play Highway to Hell, you get people’s attention.  The studio owner came over afterward.  He’s pretty stoked about us doing a west coast swing and thinks it will go over well.  Since I was a metal head in my youth (many years ago), it is easy for me to play it up.

Next week, I have one lesson on Monday, two on Tuesday and then two more on Wednesday before we leave on Thursday.  Guess I like to be prepared.  Monday we are also supposed to get our heat sheets so I’ll finally figure out what all I’ll be doing.  Picked up the last set of clothing that I need to take from the dry cleaners today and also got some supplies to take with me.  It is now all coming together.


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  1. Enjoy the excitement and preparation. I just came back from comp and am already in withdrawal. First class after comp is Tuesday when we will go over our performance. Went much better that I expected. Good luck!

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