Less than a Month Away

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Just realized that one month from now I’ll be finishing up Dance-o-Rama.  Pause for a moment of panic …   OK, I’m back.  We ran through our four smooth dances yesterday and then I got a progress check which only got to two of the dances.  Lots of time spent on Waltz – little tweaks to the posture, telling me how to stand, how to bring her into to frame, advice to take my time getting her into frame.  Worked on a couple of steps.  One problem is that the studio owner is my instructors husband and they dance professionally so there are times when he starts pointing out what she’s doing wrong and it gets a little strange.  But I got a lot of good advice.  It may have been too much because there is only so much I can absorb at one time.  I really appreciate their enthusiasm but he starts tossing things at me and I start trying to file everything away and sooner or later it feels like my head is going to explode.

For tango, we didn’t do much because there wasn’t time but the main issue for me is timing which does not come as a shock to me because I’m not musically inclined.  With luck and strong beats and certain dances, it comes pretty easily.  My other problem with tango was messing up the slows and quicks so we are going to have to over the entire amalgamation and point out slows and quicks.  That will really make my head explode.

In the past, the progress checks have sometimes triggered the failure cascade where I just focus so much on what I’m doing wrong and start to question why I’m even doing this and start to feel like I’m going to make a fool of myself on the floor.  Fortunately, I had other things on my mind and was able to avoid that.  I’m trying to maintain my new attitude of just follow the heat sheet and show up and dance when I’m told to.  No thinking, just dancing.  The next test is Thursday because we do the Latin dances and I get another progress check.  I’m expecting a lot of feedback on the Rumba but I hate that dance anyway so my goal there is to just get through it.

In a month it will all be over.  What will happen there is the great unknown.

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