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So I get back from vacation and find out that the deadline to register for Dance-o-Rama was last week.  No problem, since I had already paid and we had talked about the dances I wanted to do but they messed up my age group.  Really??  If you knew you needed the information, couldn’t you have asked before I left?  They were scanning my facebook page looking for my age but it isn’t there.  Of course, they have my phone number and could have sent me a text – guess that would have been too easy.   Sounds like it is fixable but organization is not really one of their strengths.

I guess I was a big topic of discussion since this is the first one of these things I’ve done and they were trying to decide what level I should do.  I really could catch them in a huge logical error since they keep telling me this is just like another showcase but then take actions that aren’t consistent with my previous showcases.  But I accept that there are things they never tell me until the end just to limit my potential to freak out so my new attitude is to not ask.  I figure I’ll just show up and go where the heat sheet tells me to go and just be done with it.  This is new territory for me because I generally prefer to be well prepared about what to expect but here I just have to accept that I’m not going to get all my questions answered.

But we now have open and closed sessions to worry about and the amalgamations I was learning for showcase can’t be used in the closed so we spent the last three lessons dusting off some older steps and then figuring out what I could do for the closed portions.  I believe they are on different days so confusion shouldn’t be an issue.  Some of the patterns seem rather boring but she wants me to use the closed stuff to work on posture and all that fun stuff that I enjoy so much.

Of course, I then get a progress check next week where the other instructor reviews what I’ve done and probably makes several changes.  This could be a problem because he tends to suggest steps he likes which aren’t necessarily the steps I enjoy.

I have also set different goals for myself but these are goals I don’t plan to share with them.  They continue to drop comments about how nervous I’m going to be and how they have to make sure I don’t freak out.  So the more I hear this, the more I want to prove to them that I can handle this.  Maybe this is a little reverse psychology on their part but I’m set on just taking what I do best at work which is adapting on the fly and bringing that to this event.  As I said above, just show up where I’m supposed to and just dance.

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