Delusions of Grandeur

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Rocco considers himself quite the hunter.  To be fair, he can take down a crawling bug with the best of them but his only other accomplishment was to get a baby mouse that had made it into the house.  Watching him attempt to catch flies and bees is all kinds of fun.  He’ll chase a fly around the house for hours and never get close.  It is also funny when a bug lands on the outside of our glass door.  He thinks it is easy pickings but can’t figure out why he can’t grab it.  Does mean we have to clean the door of dog slobber but that is a small price for the entertainment value.

We have deer that wander into the yard from time to time and we see them on the way to the park all the time.  He’s actually tried to chase one once but they are always so far gone that he can’t ever get close.  Keep telling him he has no shot but hope springs eternal.

His latest obsession is for swallows.  During our walks, they fly very close to the ground – guess they are looking for insects.  This makes Rocco think they’d be easy to catch because he will watch them with great intensity and lunge at them from time to time.  Of course, by the time he sees them and lunges, the swallow has flown way beyond him.   Plus they don’t come within reach of the leash so he really has no shot but that doesn’t stop him.  Dogs are nothing if not persistent since all the failed attempts don’t seem to phase him in the least.  Either that or he just isn’t very smart.

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