Ending on a High Note

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Last day of lessons for a little over a week since the studio is closed for the 4th and I’ll be out of town the beginning of next week.  But we ended well.  Today was all about the Tango which is my weakest smooth dance.  I’m much more comfortable with the ones where the movement continues and it just flows around the dance floor.  They keep telling me that Tango is supposed to be more staccato so the stop and go action never made sense to me.  I could do the steps but it would never really look like a Tango.

For some reason, today it started to make sense.  We tried a trick that someone else had shown her where you intentionally lift your free foot after every step which highlights the weight transfer and also reinforces the whole stopping of body movement with the steps.  Then, we also did a more appropriate tango hold and frame and worked on that for the entire lesson.  Again, not going for perfection here but just trying to show progress which I think I did.  44 days until we leave for Dance-o-Rama and I’m actually starting to look forward to it.


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