My least favorite dance

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People always ask me what dance is my favorite.  That is too hard to answer because I like them for different reasons.  But it is easy to pick out my least favorite and that is the Rumba.  I’ve heard Len Goodman on DWTS say many times that certain dances aren’t for certain people and that is true of me with the Rumba.  I love the look and feel of smooth dances but I’m just not that in to all the hip movements required for Rumba.

But I’ve learned that Rumba is a necessary evil and my instructor definitely wants me to do Rumba at Dance O Rama.  The problem is that she farmed me out to one of the junior instructors after we had a pretty big argument about the Rumba (I told you our relationship was complicated).  It has helped some but I really see the point of diminishing returns approaching and I don’t think working with the other instructor is really going to get me where I need to go.  Have avoided the conversation because I genuinely like her and we did a great country waltz routine at the last showcase but I need to convince my instructor to take me back.  Will be a fun conversation before the lesson tonight.

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