Enter the Ballroom

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My wife and I had talked about taking ballroom dance lessons for many years and she finally decided to drag my to our local Arthur Murray studio.  Of course, I was hooked from the first lesson.  In my first ballroom life, my wife and I were social dancers and we got the point of going out on weekends with a group of people from the studio.  Unfortunately, the dancing hurt her feet and she decided that she wanted to stop.

I did not and so began my second ballroom life.  I didn’t actually know what to do until my instructor convinced me to do a routine at a Showcase.  My legs were actually shaking when I was out there in front of the crowd but it was such a rush after I finished that I couldn’t wait to do the next one. 

Despite my battles with self-confidence, I’ve had two very successful showcases in a row and have finally agreed to attend a Dance-o-Rama in August.  I have no idea what to expect so most of my thoughts will be around the work I do to get there and my experiences there. 

The logical part of me really wants to explain why ballroom dance is so important to me but I’ve given up trying to figure it out.  Fortunately, my wife puts up with my obsession although she does think I’m crazy. 

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